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We are proud to serve businesses in Colorado Springs and throughout Colorado. When you choose Corsica Technologies as your IT partner, you get a team of IT professionals that are there to support your business and its goals at all times. Focus on your business, we’ll handle the IT.

Colorado Springs, CO

8am-5pm MT

Corsica Technologies strengthens client’s competitive advantage by creating a secure, stable technology foundation where innovation can thrive.

Our team of experts partners with organizations in Colorado Springs, Colorado to expand and improve customer experience, employee satisfaction and financial performance using technology best practices.

If you’re looking for an IT partner in the Colorado Springs area, Corsica’s award – winning managed services and cybersecurity services is the clear choice.

Have you ever asked…

  • “How vulnerable are we to a data breach?”

  • “How can we make our virtual offices more secure?”

  • “How can we use technology to control expenses?”

  • “How can technology help give us a competitive advantage?”

  • “Are we compliant with federal cybersecurity and privacy laws?”

Corsica IT Services Keep Your Business Running Smooth & Headache Free.

Our managed IT service meets the requirements of most small to medium-sized businesses. We proactively monitor, manage and maximize your IT assets to make technology work for your business. All of our managed IT services are included for a monthly, consistent, flat fee.

IT Services

Whether you have an existing IT team looking for help, or plan to outsource IT completely, we can help you remove the burden of managing technology and gain the freedom to focus on what matters most – growing your business.


All managed services include basic cybersecurity to keep you secure, but additional layers of security can enhance these measures and make sure you’re one step ahead of hackers.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation experts help you gain a competitive edge through innovation and growth by identifying ways to align technology with organizational goals and creating a roadmap to get you there.

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