How One Small Business Owner Applied a Timeless Lesson to His IT Service Solution and Won

Keith Fulmer, Owner of Video Mount Products recognized that “time is money” and stopped wasting time with the wrong small business IT service solution

IT service solutionSuccessfully running a small business has its own unique challenges, particularly when it comes to managing the technology that powers so much of the day-to-day operations of any business. Like so many small businesses, Video Mount Productions (VMP) turned to an outsourced IT service provider as the solution for keeping their systems running smoothly, in lieu of devoting resources to a full time staff position. But when that company stopped demonstrating a sense of urgency in addressing VMP’s IT needs, Owner Keith Fulmer decided it was time to look for a new provider.

“There came a point in time where we were just not getting responses,” said Fulmer. “It was no longer working for us. We couldn’t get timely call backs, our backups weren’t working, and there were several other pieces of our technology puzzle that frankly just didn’t fit. At that point, you can’t go back and fix it either – it’s too late.”

Fulmer and his team reached out to Corsica Technologies to find out what they could do and liked what they heard out of this local business, ultimately signing on as one of Corsica’s 400+ managed service clients. And they have never regretted it.

The difference, according to Fulmer, is simple. Corsica responds. And VMP is happy to have stopped settling for less.

“If we call, they answer,” said Fulmer. “If we text, we get a response. If we send an email we get a response. If I were to strap a message to a carrier pigeon and send it, I am 100% certain that I would still get a response.”

As a managed service client, VMP has instant access to Corsica’s local HelpDesk support team, which is available 24 x 7, 365 days a year. When VMP calls in, a local support team member answers the phone live, triages the problem and then works to resolve it.

“We haven’t come to Corsica with something that they can’t fix,” said Keith. “Even if they don’t know the answer right away, they will figure it out. And there is always a sense of urgency because they understand that if our systems go down, our business effectively shuts down.”

Many problems can even be resolved remotely, meaning that Keith and his team save time not just in waiting for a tech to come onsite, but also in trying to translate what the problem is. Said Keith, “I don’t talk tech, so using the remote support feature saves me time and frustration in trying to explain what I am seeing.”

VMP has a staff of 6, and utilizes fairly standard IT equipment – a server, laptops, and smartphones.

“We are a small company and our technology needs are not that complicated,” said Keith. “But as a small business, time is everything to us. If I have to spend an hour doing something with the computers that Corsica could solve in 15 minutes, then I have to look at that as 45 minutes that I have wasted. And we just don’t have time for that.”


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Video Mount Products (VMP) is a leading provider of mounting solutions for the A/V, communication and security industries since 1994. VMP products consistently offer the latest designs in safety and flexibility, all at an outstanding value. All products have been engineered for and installed with confidence in thousands of residences, businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, houses of worship and security applications throughout the world. For more information visit their website or call 877-281.2169.

About Corsica Technologies

The mission of Corsica Tech is to deliver custom IT service solutions to small businesses, providing them with exceptional customer service, and the peace of mind that their IT systems are being professionally monitored and managed so that they can focus on their core business.

Corsica Tech’s managed service program provides an affordable, reliable solution for businesses so they can focus on their core business and not the IT solutions that power it. For a fixed monthly fee, Corsica Tech will monitor, manage and maintain your IT systems, ensuring that your network is running at peak efficiency. It’s like having the IT professional down the hall, only better.

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