How Choosing a Better IT Service Solution is Saving One Small Business Owner Both Time and Money

Like many small businesses, Marino Transportation Services in Baltimore didn’t have a full-time IT Director, instead relying on an hourly tech who worked for them on the side, and troubleshooting skills honed from years of experience with things breaking.  And while that solution was good enough when technology was a smaller part of the mix, there came a day when owner Terry Ewing realized that patching together resources in support of the technology that now powered the majority of their business functions was neither smart nor sustainable.

That was when Ewing decided it was time to go to Plan B.

In their case, MTS’s Plan B was calling on Corsica Technologies for IT support, after the local IT firm was recommended to them by their hourly computer tech.

Houston computer repair and support2011, MTS has partnered with Corsica Tech as their outsourced IT solution.  Initially Ewing was contracting for a set block of hours each month with Corsica, so that she had a trusted source to call on when something needed to be fixed, added or upgraded.  Then about a year ago – after Ewing reviewed the numbers and realized that it made sense financially to do so — MTS went “all in”, adopting Corsica’s Standard Service Plan and essentially saying “you fully manage our IT, while we run our business.” 

“I’m not trained for this, which is why is makes sense to outsource it to experts who are,” said Ewing.  “Outsourcing our IT management fully to Corsica saves me time because now it doesn’t all have to go through me, and I don’t have to try and troubleshoot everything myself.”

Ewing also wisely realized that a Standard Plan was better for their bottom line.  Now instead of paying to fix things only after they break, she invests in a monthly fixed fee with an IT partner whose primary focus is to prevent things from ever breaking at all.

What being on a service plan specifically means for MTS is that Corsica is now responsible for monitoring, managing and protecting the network 24/7.  It means they has fewer issues thanks to the preventive maintenance that gets done on her systems.  And it means that Ewing’s team of 12 has direct access to phone and remote support, thanks to Corsica’s locally staffed 24x7x365 Technical Support team.   Gone as well are the days of waiting for that part-time computer tech to have or make time to address their issues.

“Corsica is always very responsive, no matter what time of day or night we need them,” said Ewing.

Even better is that this outsourced IT team is part of her business team for a fixed monthly fee that is based on how their business network is configured.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for Ewing though is the 24/7 monitoring by the Network Operations Center (NOC) Team.  “If our network goes down at night, it’s such a relief knowing that somebody’s already aware of it, and working on a solution in real time,” said Ewing. 

“Corsica Tech is very good.  I never have any issues and I am very pleased.”

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