How 1 Smart Law Firm Turned I.T. Lemons Into Lemonade

Law Firm Cover ArtManaging a law firm means managing files, files and more files. With so many digital options available today, firms like Braden, Thompson, Poltrack and Mundy, LLP want to take advantage of the benefits of virtual file storage but they don’t always have the technology expertise needed to understand which one provides the best solution. And that can lead to wasted time and money.

So when the scanning software that Braden, Thompson, Poltrack and Mundy, LLP had selected as the solution for this major project ended up not meeting their needs, they weren’t sure what to do. “When that line of business application didn’t actually work for us, we thought we were at a dead end, and the whole idea of being able to scan and store our files digitally was off the table,” said Kim Ruth, the firm’s Office Manager.

Because this was such an important initiative for the firm and one that they wanted to implement despite this initial setback, they eventually turned to Corsica Technologies for the expert advice they needed. A Corsica technician carefully assessed their systems and recommended a new process for the scanning and storing of files – a process that the firm’s servers could handle and their system would support. As this solution was based on research and knowledge of the firm’s specific needs, it was successfully implemented and is still in use.

“Corsica Tech evaluated the situation and provided an alternative option that allowed us to achieve our goal,” said Kim. “It’s a solution that meets all objectives, including scanning, storing, compressing and securing all of our files. Not only are the files compacted on the server and secure, they are also easier to locate so now we also save time by not having to search for things.”

There really is no one-size fits-all IT solution for any process, which is why Corsica’s solution was successful – it was based on Braden, Thompson, Poltrack and Mundy’s specific needs and objectives and factored in existing resources. “Corsica listens,” said Kim. “They take the time to understand our individual business needs and come up with the best solution for us.”

So by seeking out expert I.T. advice, the firm not only found a workable solution for their immediate file storage need, but also a long-term partner that is just a phone call away when they have questions, problems, or simply want guidance on the overall IT strategy.

In other words, they turned I.T. lemons into lemonade!

As the firm’s trusted IT advisor, Corsica Tech continues to provide advice and support. In addition, Kim has direct access to a dedicated Account Manager at all times. And that availability is critical to their continued success. “We have worked with another tech provider in the past, and the biggest difference for us now is that Corsica Tech’s availability is so much better. Having that resource that we can call at any time makes a world of difference in our business.”


About Braden, Thompson, Poltrack & Mundy

Braden, Thompson, Poltrack& Mundy is a full-service law office based in Chester, MD with expertise in numerous areas of practice. For more information visit or call 410-643-4110.

About Corsica Technologies

The mission of Corsica Tech is to deliver custom IT service solutions to small businesses, providing them with exceptional customer service, and the peace of mind that their IT systems are being professionally monitored and managed so that they can focus on their core business.

Corsica Technologies is an IT Services company specializing in Computer Support, Managed Services, IT Consulting and Network Support. Corsica Technologies is based in Manhattan, NYC, – Centreville, MD – Houston, TX. It’s like having the IT professional down the hall, only better.

For more information or to schedule a free needs assessment, contact Corsica at 877-367-9348 or

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