How Making One Change Helped a Frustrated Company Turn Chaos Into Order and Get Back to Business

How do you turn an outdated and chaotic IT environment that makes simply running daily operations a challenge into a smooth, efficient business operation supporting 25 employees in 3 offices?  If you’re Profiles, you do it by finding a better IT company.

After outsourcing IT management to the same managed IT service provider for 10 years, the Profiles team found that their IT was seriously outdated and their current partner was basically failing them.

“We needed to update and modernize and they just weren’t doing much to help us move forward,” said Jordan Weitzel, Operations Manager. “They weren’t offering the basics of what we needed, much less proactively advising us on how to make technology help us to be more efficient.”

And so Profiles went shopping for a new IT partner, knowing that they required a company that offered proactive guidance and a service plan that was clear and comprehensive, staffed 24/7 Technical Support and would operate as an extension of their own team.

Corsica came highly recommended to them by another vendor, and deciding to partner with this experienced IT firm has meant one crucial thing for Weitzel – peace of mind.

“We were in a really low spot when we came to Corsica,” said Weitzel.  “The phones were going down every day, we had configuration issues that weren’t being solved, and we had issues syncing Outlook with Google apps, just to name a few.”

Through its systematic onboarding process, Corsica’s team completed a detailed infrastructure analysis with diagrams along with a full asset inventory.  With a clear understanding of what Profiles was currently running, and input gathered from the management team about what they needed in order to get back to business, the Corsica team then set them on the path towards the efficiency they had been sorely lacking.

The result? “Everything works now,” said Weitzel.  As simple as that sounds, she points to it as the single greatest benefit of working with Corsica Tech.

“We went from having an outdated and chaotic IT environment where we couldn’t run our basic day to day operations without major headaches, to a smooth, efficient business operation,” said Weitzel.  “Not having a functioning calendar in your email in the year 2015 is just ridiculous, but for a long time we just lived with it.

“But now that we don’t have a daily IT fire drill, we can actually run our business,” she said. “Working with Corsica has changed my day-to-day in a very positive way.”

One area that is particularly helpful for Profiles is that the Corsica Service Plan – a monthly fixed fee program – is structured in a way that makes sense.  It’s not overly complicated to understand, but at the same time, it includes the support areas that they actually need.  This has proven to be more than just a budget-saver, but also a major time-saver for Weitzel, who was losing valuable time each day troubleshooting or triaging IT issues – even though she is not Tech Support.

“Under the previous plan so much of what we needed wasn’t covered, so we were having to make decisions about whether to even call when something wasn’t working,” she said.  “In some cases, we would decide it wasn’t worth the money to fix right then and there, and instead we would wait until we had 2 or 3 issues and could then call with everything at once to save money.”

One of her other favorite things about working with Corsica is the ability to call the Technical Support Team at any time, day or night, and get a quick response without being nickel-and-dimed – or charged at all – for having called.  “That 24/7 access for all of our users is so convenient,” said Weitzel, “and I’d say that probably 98% of the time, the ticket is resolved right away.  And if it’s not, then there is a clear plan of action on what needs to be done to get it taken care of.”

Transparency and open communication are both hallmarks of Corsica’s commitment to service excellence, as all managed service customers are provided with regular reports detailing everything from their patch management to their data backup status to a full accounting of every single help desk ticket from a given time period.  Periodic account reviews are also standard protocol with Corsica.

But when it comes right down to it, Corsica’s priority is stop computer issues from disrupting the real work that needs to get done…just as Profiles has experienced as a valued managed IT service customer.

“We were due a total overhaul,” said Weitzel.  “In the last 2 years we have replaced our phone system, our internet service, our office products, our servers and most importantly our IT service company.  Truly, we just needed revamping in order to operate efficiently and thanks to Corsica, everything just runs better.

“Whenever anyone tells me they are having IT pains, I immediately tell them, you have to call Corsica!” she added.

A leader in the staffing industry, Profiles has been helping organizations find the right people for their Creative, Marketing and Interactive departments for over 17 years.  To learn more, visit their website.

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