Case Studies: Our IT Solutions at Work

Case studies of our IT solutions at work

We know that when we say we provide high quality business IT service solutions you probably aren’t going to just take our word for it. That’s why we partnered with some of our current customers to highlight real-world examples of just how we are helping our customers succeed, and how businesses of all types are making IT outsourcing work for them. Check out these case studies and learn more about how we helped small businesses address a variety of IT needs, providing immediate resolution as well as long-term solutions.


The Technology Makeover That Helped the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Match the Performance of its Network to the Strength of its Mission.

As a non-profit organization, you might think that the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation would cite fundraising as their biggest challenge…but if you did, you would be wrong. What was making their job difficult was another common issue – dealing with legacy technology systems that just hadn’t kept pace with their growth and success.

And when you can raise millions of dollars and provide life-changing programs for young people nationwide, but are muddling through daily IT issues, you eventually realize that it’s time for a technology makeover.

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How Making One Change Helped a Frustrated Company Turn Chaos Into Order and Get Back to Business

Profiles-Case-Study-blog-imageHow do you turn an outdated and chaotic IT environment that makes simply running daily operations a challenge into a smooth, efficient business operation supporting 25 employees in 3 offices? If you’re Profiles, you do it by finding a better IT company.

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Why IT Outsourcing Means Less Stress, More Time for a Busy Non-Profit

outsourcing_imgBy nature, non-profits are challenged with being very “lean and mean” in their operations, as they have a responsibility to maximize every dollar and at the same time, are often working with limited resources. Which means that what they strive in all areas of the operation is this: efficiency.

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How Choosing a Better IT Service Solution is Saving One Small Business Owner Both Time and Money

MTS-Case-Study-image-smallLike many small businesses, Marino Transportation Services in Baltimore didn’t have a full-time IT Director, instead relying on an hourly tech who worked for them on the side, and troubleshooting skills honed from years of experience with things breaking. And while that solution was good enough when technology was a smaller part of the mix, there came a day when owner Terry Ewing realized that patching together resources in support of the technology that now powered the majority of their business functions was neither smart nor sustainable.

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How 1 Smart Law Firm Turned I.T. Lemons Into Lemonade

Law Firm Cover ArtManaging a law firm means managing files, files and more files. With so many digital options available today, firms like Braden, Thompson, Poltrack and Mundy, LLP want to take advantage of the benefits of virtual file storage but they don’t always have the technology expertise needed to understand which one provides the best solution. And that can lead to wasted time and money.

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Why Not Replacing Its IT Director was the Best IT Decision One Small Business Ever Made

RedX Case Study artworkOperating a small business and juggling budgets, daily priorities, staff development and customer needs is challenging enough on a good day. But when the one person holding all of your IT knowledge leaves suddenly, it makes for a very bad day indeed.

This is exactly the situation that RedXDefense found themselves in – a situation that Edwin Ashourian, VP – Finance, knew they had to resolve very quickly so that they could continue to successfully address the needs of the military, homeland security, businesses, and law enforcement customers utilizing their innovative product line.

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How One Small Business Owner Applied a Timeless Lesson to His IT Service Solution and Won

Computer SuccessKeith Fulmer, Owner of Video Mount Products recognized that “time is money” and stopped wasting time with the wrong small business IT service solution

Successfully running a small business has its own unique challenges, particularly when it comes to managing the technology that powers so much of the day-to-day operations of any business. Like so many small businesses, Video Mount Productions (VMP) turned to an outsourced IT service provider as the solution for keeping their systems running smoothly, in lieu of devoting resources to a full time staff position. But when that company stopped demonstrating a sense of urgency in addressing VMP’s IT needs, Owner Keith Fulmer decided it was time to look for a new provider.

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