In this Resource Center, you’ll find helpful tips for troubleshooting common issues for TCC end-users, including VPN and Drive connections, reading encrypted emails, and more.


Having technical difficulties? Check out the troubleshooting tips below!

  1. Click on the SonicWall NetExtender icon on your desktop.
  2. The first time you log in, you will see this screen:
  3. Enter 67.34.130:4433 in the Server field.
  4. Enter in your computer username.
  5. Enter in your computer password.
  6. Enter CCHCC in the Domain field.
  7. Click Connect. If you get a window about a Security Alert for a certificate, click ‘Always Trust.’
  8. Once you’re connected, you’ll see the window below:

You are now connected to the VPN. If you have any problems accessing the new VPN, please contact Corsica.

Click here to get a PDF version of NetExtender Instructions.

TCC utilizes email encryption. Here are the steps involved in viewing an encrypted email:

  1. The user receives an encrypted email from a trusted source (i.e. @Maryland.gov; @Census.gov) (See Image 1)
  2. Outlook 2016 makes them aware an encrypted email has been sent to them, but does not display its contents
  3. Instead, there is a large blue box in the email stating “read the message”
  4. Upon clicking the “read the message” box, the user is redirected to Office 365 to login if they haven’t logged in the O365 portal yet on this device
  5. Once the user logs in on the O365 portal (or if they’re already logged in) the email is either displayed or an error occurs stating “The Object Does Not Exist”
  6. If the “Object Does Not Exist” error comes up, open Office 365 (login.microsoftonline.com) on a web browser and have the user login
  7. Locate the email in the O365 online portal and open it
  8. It should now display properly with no errors (See Image 2)