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A cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds.

Prepare Your Team

Many companies want to accept the risk until there is a problem. Our goal is to prepare your team for the likely event of a cybersecurity incident of varying severity. Table Top Exercises are customized security awareness training exercises for your team. We consult with business owners, executives, and key stakeholders, leading them through activities focused on incident response planning and disaster recovery planning.
EDTS Cyber uses a comprehensive training curriculum tailored to your technology and environment to ensure you have an adequate plan in place for all vulnerabilities, from cyber attacks to lightning strikes, and anything else that can take down your servers and business operations.


Our Table Top Exercises are a cost-effective and low-stress way to help you clarify the goals and responsibilities of your disaster recovery and preparedness. We sit down with you and help you understand your technology, vulnerabilities, and any gaps in what you currently have in place. Having everyone sit together at the table with an experienced professional and talk about what you will do is an extremely effective way to work through all of the different scenarios.
For example: What about notifying our customers? How are we going to get power? How will we distribute the incoming calls? Corsica is here to help you understand your risks, think of the things you didn’t know to cover and make the appropriate changes to your plans that will ensure business continuity.

Evaluate the strength of your plans with experienced professionals

Prepare to respond to ransomware, natural disasters, cyber attacks, breaches, and more

Cost-effective, low-stress way to clarify the goals and responsibilities in testing your preparedness

What’s Included


Customized Exercises

Prepare for incidents and disasters.


Clarification of Goals

Each team-member leaves knowing what they are responsible for.


Targeted Recommendations

Obtain actionable steps for meeting your disaster preparedness goals.

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