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Recent Blog Posts

Mayo Clinic Sued Over Breach of Patient Health Records

90% of data breaches are caused by human error and the breach that Mayo Clinic recently had has proved to be no different with an employee accessing patient data incorrectly. Security Awareness training helps reduce the risk of your organization from being a headline.
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Center for Developmental Services Success Story

Center for Developmental Services partners with Corsica Technologies as their trusted Managed IT Provider ensuring their employees are trained in HIPAA Compliance and Security Awareness best practices to avoid a breach of data.
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HIPAA vs. HITECH – What’s the difference?

The HITECH Act is part of an economic stimulus package created to promote and expand the adoption of health information technology, specifically the use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) by healthcare providers. HIPAA protects patient privacy. HITECH promotes health technology through funding.
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Hospitals Being Targeted by Wave of Ryuk Ransomware

Ransomware attacks on U.S. hospitals are on the rise as coordinated cyber attacks attempt to infect entire networks for financial gain. Federal agents sent an urgent alert last Wednesday night to hospital and healthcare professionals urging all to take necessary cybersecurity precautions to protect their networks.
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Healthcare: Don’t Become A Statistic

Healthcare organizations have not been immune to the plague of ransomware. In 2019 alone, scores of hospitals and health systems were infected with ransomware, with a combined estimated cost of $4 billion. While already an alarming number, this only accounts for the monetary losses predicted in the wake of these outbreaks, not the damage to reputation, stress on the workforce, and the residual effects of breaking through a ransomware event.
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DoD Releases New CMMC Score Requirements

New CMMC Interim Rule goes into effect on November 30th and new regulations require all contractors to publish their score representing their NIST 800-171 compliance progress before they can receive a contract.
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