Network Device Management Solutions

Your network is the backbone of your company. It is where all of your hardware, servers, printers, and other devices are connected. The Internet also runs through your network. Your network allows these components to communicate with each other.

Network device management ensures these devices have their basic needs met. Doing so ensures they run properly, meaning your business can continue operating as intended.

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Benefits of Managed Router Service and Network Device Management

Having network device management is vital to your business operations. Corsica Technologies can provide firewall management services, too. Our team can handle managing all your network devices. 

The benefits of having network device management include:

  • Real-time service and maintenance updates: Our around-the-clock monitoring provides pertinent information when it is most important. If a device is outdated or requires repair, we see the alerts and can respond immediately.
  • Consistent cybersecurity: Your network devices play an essential role in your data’s protection. By proactively and continually monitoring all network devices, we ensure everything is up to date and all patches have been released. We will also determine if there are bottlenecks or security concerns.
  • Assistance or outsourcing: Our network device management team can help your in-house IT department if you have one, though you can also outsource it entirely to us. We have experience in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, allowing us to help you keep your network devices on track.
  • Data compliance: Your network devices’ integrity and security are vital to meeting data compliance requirements. At Corsica Technologies, we understand the complexities of highly-regulated industries and can ensure all devices meet these guidelines.

The Corsica Secure℠ Plan

Corsica Secure℠ is our full-service managed service provider (MSP) program. You will receive your desired IT services combined with cybersecurity with this plan. If network device management is the only other IT service you need, we can assist you. However, we can also help you with services such as event or cloud management and backup and disaster recovery. 

Choose one of our Corsica Secure℠ plans to best meet your needs — you can always scale up or down whenever necessary. 

Our package comes with several benefits, including:

  • Consulting service: We will provide a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) with an IT and risk management background. Your vCIO will work with your team on governance policies, compliance, and security.
  • Technology road map: We create a three-year outline of your technology goals, business objectives, and predicted costs. You can use it to find areas where you can more effectively divert resources.
  • Client portal: We give access to a client portal for transparency in your IT and cybersecurity. It has a dashboard where you can view everything from client support tickets to updates to your infrastructure.

Contact Corsica Technologies for Network Device Management Today

Corsica Technologies can perform wireless management services and network device management. Whatever IT or cybersecurity needs you may have, we have a solution for you. We have decades of experience working in IT and cybersecurity and can easily assist you with network device management. Our Corsica Secure℠ solution is a practical choice for businesses in any industry.

Reach out to us online today to learn more about our network device management services.

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