HIPAA Compliance Gap Assessments

In healthcare, even risk assessments must meet patient care standards. Gain insight into your PHI protection measures and audit preparedness with a risk assessment tailored to the healthcare industry.

HIPAA Cybersecurity Compliance

Our health information is among the most sensitive of our data. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) recognizes and addresses the necessity of privacy. As a result, this law mandates healthcare providers and facilities to take certain steps to protect personal health information, or PHI. These approaches include guarding against unauthorized disclosure and implementing comprehensive data security measures.

Corsica Technologies is here to make compliance easier. We’re a managed IT services provider (MSP) with in-house expertise on the information technology protocols your healthcare organization needs to stay compliant. 

HIPAA Risk Assessments can help you meet steep compliance demands without guesswork. What’s included:

Executive Summary Icon

Executive Summary

Get a detailed summary of your results — interpreted.

Formal Presentation Icon

Formal Presentation

We come to you and present your executive summary so you can ask your questions and leave with the answers.

Gap Analysis Icon

Gap Analysis

Any and all gaps in your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies and practices are reported to you.

Roadmap to Remediation Icon

Roadmap to Remediation

Immediately understand how to address security gaps.

Targeted Recommendations Icon

Targeted Recommendations

Formulate your budget and priorities according to what will matter most in your next audit.

HIPAA IT Compliance Step-by-Step

Working with us means having an experienced advocate in your corner. We’ll guide you with a road map and provide ongoing support to help you achieve compliance.

Step 1. The HIPAA Compliance Gap Analysis

Before you can make informed decisions about your future, you need to take a realistic and practical look at your present. Our HIPAA compliance consulting begins with a gap analysis to see what you’re doing well and identify areas needing more attention.

During this process, an experienced Corsica Technologies HIPAA IT consultant thoroughly reviews your current security posture, protocols, and policies. Our team member creates a report of their discoveries before presenting it to your stakeholders, along with a customized plan for remediating deficiencies. We’ll partner with you to establish your priorities, a budget, and project timelines that work best for your organization.

Step 2. HIPAA Security Education

Awareness and education are two of the strongest tools in preventing an infrastructure breach. The Corsica Technologies team bolsters your company’s defenses with training and resources to give you and your staff more in-depth knowledge.

Our HIPAA cybersecurity training is a well-rounded program with proven methods of encouraging compliance. We’ll go over red flags, phishing emails and more to build your employees’ confidence in spotting and preventing potential threats. Corsica Technologies also maintains online HIPAA compliance guidance you can access any time to answer many typical questions.

Step 3. Ongoing HIPAA Compliance Support

Data security is an ever-changing landscape, with new threats emerging almost daily. Corsica Technologies offers continuous support for your HIPAA compliance efforts through Corsica Secure, our exclusive managed IT services. This bundle combines our consulting and educational offerings with robust security protocols.

Using Corsica Secure to manage your technology devices and infrastructure offers you many benefits, including around-the-clock protection and disaster recovery planning. Our advanced data monitoring service provides 24/7/365 oversight of your network and its endpoints to identify and prevent unauthorized entry. 

We outfit our security experts with the best technology and tools to detect, prevent, and respond to incidents. Off-site storage for compliance logs and redundant backups ensures data integrity and accessibility for business continuity in emergencies

Partner With Corsica Technologies for HIPAA Compliance Consulting

At Corsica Technologies, we have HIPAA experts as part of our team. As a result, we’re uniquely qualified to handle your HIPAA IT compliance. Our professionals provide a customized end-to-end solution for your IT management needs. 

See what we’ve done for similar organizations in the healthcare space, then contact us online or schedule a consultation to learn more.

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