Add another unique layer of automated reconnaissance to your existing security stack with AttackSnare™, a value-added solution for DataDefend™ clients.

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AttackSnare™ is a highly-effective honeypot defense. Corsica Cybersecurity creates customized attack decoys for your network to simulate file servers, firewalls, printers, or virtually any other network device on any system out there.

By luring the attacker to seemingly valuable systems, AttackSnare™ offers network defenders a clear view of potential threats, providing a comprehensive and layered defense strategy. Alerts generated by AttackSnare™ allow for quicker response times and deliberate action. If signs of risky communication, system access, attempts at command/control, or data exfiltration are detected, our SOC is armed with the proper information to investigate quickly.

AttackSnare™ integrates seamlessly into your DataDefend™ agreement to add another layer of cyber defense to your network. What’s included:

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Detects prohibited file access – both internally and externally

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Slows attacker’s computer down with info that never comes

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Holds malicious viruses and worms in a waiting mode

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Enables fast identification and elimination of risks by the Corsica Cybersecurity Team

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Able to be improved and managed remotely, as needed

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Decoy files mimic the most valuable data on your systems

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