In 2016, 43% of documented breaches involved social engineering tactics

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering refers to the psychological manipulation of people, coercing them into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Attacks of this nature continue to be one of the most significant threats to businesses. EDTS Cyber professionals can assess your preparedness to deal with these threats and train your staff on how to avoid common pitfalls.
Social Engineering Techniques and Complex and Always Evolving

Phishing & Spear-Phishing

The attacker masquerades as a credible source, and sends an email requesting an action (ex: click URL, open attachment) or to share confidential information. In spear-phishing, the credible source is a client, vendor contact, or supervisor. See Examples of Phishing & Spear Phishing

Physical or Phone Impersonation

The attacker assumes a false identity to gain access to information, facilities, or secure systems. Can be used in conjunction with phishing so that the end-user expects the phishing email.

USB Baiting

A real-world Trojan Horse technique that uses physical media and relies on the curiosity or goodwill of the victim (ex: attacker leaves a malware-infected USB flash drive or CD in a public location). Merely inserting the media in a computer will unknowingly install malware.

Customized Social Engineering Prevention & Defense

Our highly interactive, scenario-based modules are designed for staff, managers, and executives in any industry, with custom modules for industries that deal with personally identifiable information. In addition to the training modules, your employees are sent randomized imitation phishing emails.
We survey your company and identify key vulnerabilities related to social engineering attacks. Your results are summarized in an executive summary with actionable steps to recovery.
A managed security solution that monitors each device in your company to provide critical defense from social engineering attacks.
We contain the aftermath of a successful attack and help your company recover quickly and implement better technology and practices.
The most effective way to defend against email social engineering attacks—your employees learn how to recognize the warning signs through easy-to-understand online learning modules Learn More

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