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Vulnerability Management

Monthly consultation and review with a security expert to Interpret vulnerability scan results, identify priorities, develop roadmaps for remediation, and help ensure the planned responses are successfully implemented. (Limited to 2 hrs/month)

Vulnerability Management Solutions

Organizations of all types bear equal risk in today’s cyberthreat landscape. In other words, no company is safe from potential bad actors without the right tools and equipment. 

A thorough security assessment is a great place to start, but uncovering your unique organizational risks isn’t enough. You need a plan for mitigating them and a way to implement your strategy. For many companies, this means partnering with an experienced managed IT services provider like Corsica Technologies. 

There are several ways to do that, including pen testing services and vulnerability management. While these two are similar, there’s one critical difference. A penetration test is an exercise with a beginning and end, while vulnerability management should run continuously.

Benefits of Vulnerability Management

Our skilled team provides advice with comprehensive vulnerability management services. Benefits of our service include:

  • Discover the devices using your network: Understanding the devices that access your infrastructure forms the foundation of managed vulnerability scanning. We help identify gaps and areas for improving your security by knowing who is using what, when, and from where. This information allows for better device management and asset protection.
  • Assess your security posture: Every journey has a starting point. The experienced Corsica Technologies team thoroughly analyzes your current strengths and opportunities. With this data, we form a strategy for finding and implementing the right mix of resources and processes to strengthen your approach to cybersecurity.
  • Verify protocols are working: Managing infrastructure vulnerability is a process. Regular scans ensure the tools you put in place are performing as intended. These scheduled checkpoints also allow for faster adjustments to processes or configurations to enhance security and productivity.
  • Access your data when it’s convenient for you: Corsica Technologies’ full-scale vulnerability management service includes an exclusive client portal. This one-stop dashboard gives you complete visibility of the information you need when it best fits into your schedule. You’ll know critical business data, such as support tickets status and employee activity, at a glance.
  • Manage your risks proactively: Getting a head start on potential threats means monitoring your infrastructure’s security health. With our vulnerability management services, you can track your organization’s acceptable levels of risk. Doing so allows you to implement proactive measures, like mandating more frequent password changes to prevent breaches.
  • Boost your regulatory compliance: Complex regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) govern how many organizations collect and protect sensitive data. At Corsica Technologies, we retain in-house professionals familiar with industry-specific regulations. As a result, you receive a thorough assessment and management advice to heighten your compliance.
  • Get expert monthly guidance: We’ll provide an expert to consult with you on your vulnerability management assessment each month. A Corsica Technologies professional will review reports and activity with you. Together, we’ll devise an ongoing plan to remediate issues and define future priorities.

We include vulnerability management services with our exclusive Corsica SecureSM plans, an end-to-end solution to integrated IT management.

Asset Discovery

Scan each network, discover and identify devices

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities and potential misconfigurations

Validate Operations

Ensure scans are operating as planned

Access to Data

Data is presented via client portal, the information you need at your fingerprints

Risk Management

Track risk acceptance

Monthly Meetings

Expert guidance and advice for remediation planning

Manage Vulnerabilities With an Experienced Partner

Corsica Technologies is your clear choice for general, GDPR, and HIPPA vulnerability management. Keep data and infrastructure safeguarded with our award-winning team of in-house cybersecurity experts. Discover the difference over 250 years of combined industry experience and more than 300 collective certifications bring. 

Reach out to a representative online, or schedule your consultation now.

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