According to an October 2018 cybersecurity report by FutureWatch, organizations have made their needs clear about what they need from security providers.

Technical Capabilities

According to the research, 63% of organizations consider technical ability the most important attribute of a security provider.  For those of us in the security industry, ability is critical because it engages the entire people, process and technology triad.


Having a team that knows how to correctly deploy and maintain the security toolbox is essential to even having a possibility to detect threats in your environment.  Once the tools are in place, the team must be trained to detect anomalous behavior, identify threats and be able to quickly and efficiently respond.  Without one of these skills, even the best toolbox is useless.


One of the things that makes certain tactical units so effective is that these teams have rigorous training programs that ingrain in them the correct process and procedures to accomplish their missions.  Likewise, effective security teams are trained and tested on the appropriate response procedures so that when trouble strikes, they are able to respond quickly and efficiently.


Even the best doctor, without the appropriate tools, would find it impossible to deliver adequate results.  With security providers, toolsets drastically affect the ability to detect and respond to threats.


The most surprising result is that cost, or total cost of ownership (TCO) was ranked third most important.  The inference is that as organizational leaders mature, they are willing to pay a qualified provider with advanced capabilities to ensure cyber risks are effectively managed.

Vendor Loyalty

Among the respondents, over 55% are willing to consider switching managed security vendors.  The number of organizations turning to providers offering basic security services is expected to drop another 24% over the next two years.
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