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How to Navigate CMMC Compliance

Is there a CMMC compliance audit in your company’s future?

Join Robert Smith, Audit and Compliance Services Manager, as he demonstrates why a strong cybersecurity foundation is key to achieving CMMC compliance. He’ll give an overview of the CMMC structure, what it means, and provide actionable steps for maintaining compliance and making your organization more secure.

Here’s what will be covered in the webinar:

  • The CMMC structure and what it means
  • Why it requires a strong foundation in cybersecurity
  • The fundamentals of the required practices and processes
  • The new Interim Rule and what it means
  • Actionable steps to achieve compliance

About the Presenter

Robert Smith
Manager, Audit and Compliance Services

Robert Smith is the Manager of Audit and Compliance Services for Corsica Cybersecurity. Robert started his career with a focus in Networking and Systems Administration before becoming an expert in IT Auditing and Penetration Testing. He also has several certifications that focus on Business Continuity and Information System Security .

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