New Chapter for Corsica Technologies Founder

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Often you’ll hear a founder-owner of a company refer to the business as their “baby.” It’s true, starting a business is much like bringing a child into the world. In its infancy it requires a lot of work and attention. It becomes a top priority in your life. You love it and will do almost anything to keep it alive. As you raise it, it grows quickly. Eventually, it grows bigger than you and comes to have a life of its own.

I started Corsica with nothing more than a desire to serve, a techie cousin in need of a job, and an ad in the yellow pages. Today, with the help of my partners, Corsica has grown to a staff of hundreds, serves clients in multiple regions, manages tens of thousands of systems, and is recognized as one of the top IT/Cyber Service Providers in the country.

It’s been 18 years now since Corsica began, and the company as it relates to me has reached adulthood. Like a parent having raised their child to a point for which it’s time for them to go out into the world, so has come time for me to step aside of Corsica to let it grow, and serve clients well through the operational leadership of others. Free of managing the day-to-day of Corsica, I will focus my time as the Founding Partner and Board Member, dutifully advising and contributing to the strategic direction of Corsica, assisting the team and our clients however may be needed. It is in this capacity that I can best continue to serve the company that I’m so very proud of.

I owe many thanks for Corsica’s success thus far to my wife Jody, and my partners starting with Duane who I talked into moving to Maryland to join the Corsica vision so long ago, later Larry and Andy from whom I learned so much about business, and finally, Inverness Graham who took us from founder-led to industry-leading.

Lastly, it’s only through the service of our employees and the trust of our clients that Corsica continues to thrive. I look forward to continuing to serve you all as we move into this next chapter together.

Dale Walls

Founding Partner of Corsica Technologies

Dale Walls is the founding partner of Corsica Technologies. Dale is an experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in all areas of Managed Services, Technical Support, and Sales. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Associates focused in Business Administration from Chesapeake College.


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