9 Common Signs of a Phishing Attack

signs of a phishing attackA recent Deloitte survey of business leaders (Technology in the Mid-Market) revealed that phishing tops the list of data privacy and security risk concerns among companies.

And these concerns are valid.

Because email users continue to be overconfident about their ability to spot phishing messages.

Or, they are putting complete faith in their computer to protect them.  (Given the reality that there is no foolproof method of blocking 100% of threats, this is a dangerous mindset.)

While awareness and security education aren’t foolproof either, they are an important part of the equation when working to achieve the level of information security you need for your business.

Even though you can’t control the actions of the humans who work for you, you can at least make sure they are fully aware of the risks.  Because no one wants a data disaster or breach…but you especially don’t want to realize that the cause was an employee who just didn’t realize what could happen.

In order to help you avoid that “OOPS” moment, we created this infographic that outlines 9 common signs of a phishing attack.  When your end-users are aware of these red flags, your data will be much safer from a disaster.  (Use the button below to download and save the PDF version.)

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