IT Systems Management for Business

IT Systems Management

Get the Expert IT Systems Management Your Business Deserves

Your business runs on technology, making it critical that those IT systems are properly managed, maintained, monitored and protected against modern threats 24/7.  Does your business have IT covered?

What does it mean to rely on Corsica for your IT systems management?

It means peace of mind.  It means knowing that the heart of your business is fully managed and protected by a team of IT professionals 24x7x365.

When you partner with Corsica Tech, we take full responsibility for the management and integrity of your systems and your data.  When you turn to our world-class IT service solutions for your IT systems management, you can confidently focus on your business and not the technology that powers it.  

It’s like having a full IT team just down the hall…only better.

Backups Management

Servers fail, outages occur and disasters large and small happen. So is your data secure?

Corsica includes Bare Metal Backups for all Servers and Desktops on the network.  These backups will be stored on a local NAS appliance installed at the client’s location. 

Corsica will manage, monitor, and administer the backups for all systems including Cloud servers.

In addition to the Bare Metal Backup for the Servers and Desktops, Corsica also provides an online/remote backup for redundancy.  Corsica provides weekly reports on the status and integrity of all backup systems.

Learn more about Data Backups.

Systems Maintenance & Monitoring: Network Operations Center

Our NOC team is focused 24 x 7 on the proactive IT systems management and monitoring of our clients’ networks. These services include the following:

  • PC and Server Maintenance
  • Monitoring of systems’ status and availability of services/resources
  • Antivirus/Antimalware software management
  • Patch Management to include Microsoft and Third-Party patching
  • Network device management such as Routers, Firewalls, Wireless, Managed Switches, UPS Systems, etc.

Staffed 24 x 7, 365 days a year, the Corsica Tech Network Operations Center (NOC) Team does exactly that – monitors and maintains your network around the clock. When your system issues an alert, the NOC Team immediately addresses it, preventing small issues from creating system-wide interruptions to your network and reducing downtime for your business.

Consider it a daily wellness check for your network – and an ounce of IT prevention equals a pound of cure.

Network Security: Firewall, Anti-Virus, Patch Management

Corsica understands that the security of our customer’s data and network systems and infrastructure is always of paramount importance and priority number one. 

In addition to the managed Antivirus, Patch Management and Backups that we provide through our monitoring systems, we take it one step further and provide our customers industry leading internet security appliances (firewalls) to provide managed perimeter security protection for intrusion protection as a part our IT systems management services.

Corsica’s technical staff maintain advanced knowledge and proficiency with security solutions from all major security appliance vendors.

Learn more about IT network security.

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