Managed Print Services: Never Run out of Toner Again

Managed Print Services: Printer and Toner Support doesn’t get any easier than this!

We will support your networked printers, and manage your toner supply for you so you never run out again.

managed print servicesHere’s the scenario.  It’s 30 minutes before the big meeting and all that you have left to do is print out 50 full-color packets of the presentation that you have labored over for the last 3 days and nights until it’s so fantastic and so perfect that you simply cannot wait to set it in front of everyone.

You joyously hit PRINT and head to the machine, anxious to feast your eyes on the finest PowerPoint anyone has ever created, only to find that your work of art is not collating as it should be, and the printer is suspiciously quiet.  Then you see it…the dreaded flashing red light.  The toner is out.  No problem, you think.  I’ll just quickly pop in the new toner cartridge.  Except the shelf where the extra cartridges are kept is (gasp) empty.   Cue the scream.


It’s now a full-on emergency that can only be solved by going into Level 4 crisis mode — i.e. having whoever is available drop what they are doing, travel at a high rate of speed to the nearest office supply store and paying full-price for toner, racing back, and hoping that you can stall the start of the meeting with small talk until the packets finally get fully printed.

We’ve all been there, and I think we can all agree, it’s a little more stress than most of us need in our work day.  So wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a really easy way to make sure that this never, ever happens again?

Well, there is.  You can let Corsica Tech manage your toner supply for you, under our managed print services.

How Does a Managed Print Services Program Work?

request a call for managed print servicesIt’s a super-simple solution where we remotely monitor your networked printers* through our 24/7 monitoring system.  This will let us know if printers are offline, need maintenance, or are low on toner.  When we get an alert of any kind, we will fix it**.  When we get an alert that your toner is low, we will place an order for a replacement cartridge that gets drop-shipped directly to you. Voila – no more empty toner shelf.

So a managed print services program eliminates the possibility of a toner emergency and also extends the life of your printers by having them properly maintained and serviced.  It’s the definition of a win-win for today’s busy workplace.

Managed Print Services Pricing

You might think something this amazing would be super-expensive, but nope! You can get your networked printers managed by professionals for just the cost of the toner, plus shipping.  The one requirement is that you source and order your printer toner through Corsica Tech.  (Corsica uses high-quality private label toner.)

Ready to Say Goodbye to the LOW TONER Emergency?

Give us a call today at 877-367-9348, email us as or click the button and request that we give you a call at a time convenient for you.

*You must have networked printers in order to sign up for this program.

**Any parts needed to repair printers are the responsibility of the customer. There may be labor fees for on-site repairs, depending on whether or not you are on a service plan with Corsica Tech.



Call 877-367-9348 for more information about Corsica’s Managed Print Services.

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