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It’s official – we just can’t get enough of our mobile devices!

According to a study conducted by analytics company Flurry, the average time consumers spend on connected devices is up by 43 minutes each day – a 24% increase from just 6 months ago.

Data from this study also shows that regular users are picking up their devices up to 16 times a day. Time spent in apps dominates the user activity, accounting for about 90% of the time. Social, messaging and entertainment aps like YouTube capture about half of our collective mobile attention. Media consumption is also on the rise, increasing a full 108% – 96 minutes a day – as compared to the previous year.

We live in a world dominated by mobile, and where The Internet of Things (IoT) is the emerging technology. Globally there are an estimated 280 million “mobile addicts” who use apps on mobile devices more than 60 times each day.

What does this have to do with commercial Wi-Fi and your business?

It means that not having reliable Wi-Fi is going to cost you customers or sales or deals.

Whether they are sitting in a waiting room, out shopping, enjoying a meal, or traveling, consumers expect to be able to connect. They may want to share their experience on social media platforms, read product reviews in order to make a purchasing decision, or conduct business while they wait for a flight, a haircut or a doctor’s appointment. Whatever the purpose, they want a reliable connection.

Think this doesn’t apply to your office because you don’t have walk-in customers? Think again. Vendors, customers and potential customers have also come to expect a reliable commercial Wi-Fi connection when attending meetings at your place of business, allowing them to maximize any downtime by catching up on emails or accessing files in the Cloud to work on or even present during a meeting.

As the evolution of mobile continues, there really is no limit to what we can accomplish using a smartphone or tablet. As the Internet of Things gains momentum and mobile usage continues to trend upwards, our need to stay connected will only increase. Now is the time to upgrade your network to include a fast, reliable commercial Wi-Fi solution that even the most avid of mobile users will celebrate.

Setting up reliable Wi-Fi is easier and more affordable than you may think. Corsica Tech’s expert team can manage this process for you, from evaluating your needs to selecting and installing the router(s), to final set-up and oversight of your commercial Wi-Fi network.

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