In the 8.5 years since the very first iPhone was released to the public, the device has gone from just a cool phone to a veritable lifeline for millions and millions of devoted iPhone users. It’s an alarm clock, a camera, a flashlight, a level, a video camera, a way to track our calorie intake, sleep habits and daily steps, a handheld GPS for wherever we need to go, a streaming form of entertainment and instant information, and how we keep up on what friends and family are doing via the many social media apps and tools at our disposal. And oh yeah, it’s also still a phone. With 1.5 million iPhone apps and counting available in the App Store, chances are that the phrase “We’ve got an app for that” is applicable to 99.9% of the things you would ever want to do with it. In fact, we continually find that there are uses for it that we never knew we needed, but now that we know they exist, we can’t help but enjoy or appreciate what they offer. Because it’s true that you just don’t know what you don’t know, we have put together a list of 5 things that you can do with your iPhone thanks to iPhone apps that range from potentially life-saving to completely unnecessary, but oh so fun.

5 Great iPhone Apps We Love – and Think You Will Too!

Medical ID Cost: FREE

Health App for iPhoneThis is part of a larger Health App that provides a dashboard with all the data from your health and fitness apps tracked and displayed in one place. That iPhone app is really useful and cool too, but what we really love is the Medical ID section within the app, which allows you to input vital medical and health information along with the name and number of an emergency contact. To personalize the Medical ID, locate the app by doing a Spotlight Search, or tapping on the Health app from your home screen. By tapping Edit in the upper right corner you can add important information like your birthdate, blood type, allergies or conditions, any medications you are taking and the name and phone number for an emergency contact. In case of emergency, this information can accessed through the Emergency feature from the Lock Screen.  After tapping Emergency in the bottom left, the next screen will display the words Medical ID in the bottom left.  Tap that to bring up your personalized information. Be sure to select “Display When Locked” – this is what will make this information available in case of emergency.

iHandy Coin Flip Cost: $.99

iHandy Coin Flip app for iPhoneYou know that moment when you really need to flip a coin to solve a problem or end a dispute and you just can’t find one? (Because really, who carries around change anymore when you can use Apple Pay and don’t even need a wallet?) Problem officially solved. Thanks to iHandy’s super simple but surprisingly fun iPhone app, you can choose your favorite coin and let Coin Flip choose your fate, or your movie, or who walks the dog, or whose turn it is to pick up the check. The possibilities are truly endless!

Old Booth Cost: $.99/Photo Pack or $1.99 for All Photo Packs

“The amount of tears that came out of people’s faces and sn*t that flew out of people’s noses. It is the dumbest and most wonderful app, it’s endless fun.” -Maya Rudolph
Old Booth for iPhoneDinner party getting kinda dull? Or maybe you need a little humor break after a stressful meeting? Or maybe you just want to change up your look to something a little more traditional?  Don’t despair – Old Booth is there! Old Booth is an app that takes classic American yearbook-style photos from the 20’s up through the 80’s and replaces their faces with those of your friends, family, co-workers, dinner party guests, etc. The results are certainly entertaining but also fairly high quality, especially if you follow the tips provided. You do have to choose which decade to download at purchase, or you can pay $1.00 more for All Photo Packs when you get the app.

Mole Mapper Cost: FREE, Available on iTunes

Mole Mapper AppA life-saving selfie? Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, but also has a survival rate of about 97% when detected and treated in its earliest stages. Enter Mole Mapper, an app that makes mole mapping and being vigilant about monitoring the size, shape, color and pattern of a mole much easier and potentially more reliable than ever. Mole Mapper uses a Maps-type interface, so users can drag and drop pins to chart a mole. A close-up of each mole is also taken in comparison to a fixed object like a nickel or a dime and the app records this data.  If there is any change in the dimensions of the mole as compared to the reference object, the app alerts the user to the change. Dr. Dan Webster – Mole Mapper creator – is currently also partnered with a Seattle-based medical research foundation to conduct a study that will help pinpoint and detect early signs of melanoma. So users of Mole Mapper can opt into this study (though it’s not mandatory) and have their data included anonymously as part of the overall findings.

Converter Plus Cost: FREE

Converter Plus free iPhone AppWhen you need to convert any kind of numbers, you need Converter Plus. Whether you are working with currency, distance, temperature, time or even velocity, this all-in-one conversion is your solution.  Need to know how many square feet are in an acre?  How much will $100 get you in Euros or Pounds?  How many seconds are in a day?  An estimated monthly mortgage payment on your dream house?  Not a problem, Converter Plus has your answer for each and every one of those puzzlers and then some.  It’ll even tell you how much everyone should leave when splitting a check 3 ways…including the tip. Of course for every app we’ve mentioned here there are 300,000 more so far be it from us to stop you from exploring those as well.  And if you find a really great one, we’d love to hear about it!  You can share it with us at our Corsica Technologies Facebook page. Looking for a better IT solution for your business, or just have a tech question?  We can help!  Give us a call at 877-367-9348 or email us at Corsica Tech E-news Sign-Up    

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