With our current level of dependence on computers in the workplace being what it is (41% of small businesses plan to increase spending in new technology), “How much does computer repair cost?” is also a pretty common question for businesses – particularly since nearly 3/4 of all SMB’s rely on them for day-to-day operations. But as is the case with most services, there is no universal answer, which can also be more than a little frustrating for a business who is looking for computer repair – especially if it’s during a high-stress situation. So while it’s not possible to provide a quick and easy one-size-fits-all answer to the question “How much does computer repair cost?” we can break down some critical considerations surrounding the question that might help when evaluating your options. And perhaps most importantly, we strongly recommend that any business that is asking this question consider graduating beyond the “break-fix” model and seeking a more robust IT support solution that will help prevent the need for many repair calls and can actually cost LESS in the long run.  (If you don’t need to read any further to know this is what you need, check out our IT service plan options and get a quote today!)

How Much Does Computer Repair Cost: The Variables

For starters, there are a few factors related to specifically what you need to repair.  These are:
  • The age/condition of any hardware that needs to be repaired
  • The overall health of the machine (is it infected with malware, spyware, etc. that need to be cleaned up)
  • The specs of your PC or laptop (if applicable)
The age of the machine is important to note because if it’s an older machine it may actually be more cost-effective to outright replace it than it is to repair it.  If a repair is the preferred option, the age of the machine can impact the cost if older parts are needed. While it will vary from business to business, you should – generally speaking – be able to get a quote for an hourly rate with an estimate on how many hours will be involved as well as a product quote for anything needed to complete the servicing, such as a new hard drive or more memory. The hourly rate itself will vary, based on what the “going rate” is where you are, and how the IT company has chosen to set its rates.  It’s important to remember that the company you choose to work with is also in business to make money, so their rates will factor in the expense that goes into a call (technician’s salary, travel, etc.) and their desired % of profit. A good company should be fair in its pricing, and it’s never a bad idea to do some comparison shopping.  Remember though that quality of service for computer repair is an X Factor that can’t be evaluated on price alone, so it’s smart to also ask for referrals from others or request references from a business you are considering working with. A “cheap” computer repair can be very costly if you continue to have problems that cost you time and money.

Computer Repair Options

The computer services industry offers many, many choices for businesses who are having to ask “how much does computer repair cost?”  This is the good news. The bad news is that so many choices can become overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to turn when you do need computer help – particularly if you have an urgent or time-sensitive computer repair need and you don’t have a reliable IT support option already in place. Below are some of the categories of repair service that you can choose from, all of which you can generally secure for an hourly rate:

Drop-Off Centers or On-Site Repairs

When you need your computer(s) repaired, you have the option of either finding a drop-off service center or hiring someone to come out to your place of business. Many large retailers that carry electronics have walk-in centers that specialize in computer repair.  This is often a good option for home computer repair. You should expect that the cost of an on-site visit will be higher, but it may also be required depending on the nature of the issue.  A minimum fee is also standard with on-site service visits, so if you are shopping for a service company, you will want to establish what that is (if applicable).

Remote Support

Today’s technology means that some common computer issues can be resolved remotely – meaning a technician in another location can remotely access your machine to see what is happening.  As long as your machine will boot up and a tech can log in (using an internet connection), then they can see for themselves what the issue is, and if it’s something that they can fix (or at least diagnose) during that remote session. If you don’t have a standing service contract with a repair company and utilize remote support, expect to provide a credit card prior to starting a remote session. It may turn out that the issue cannot be resolved remotely and an on-site visit is still required to fix whatever is ailing your machine.  But you will still have to pay for the remote session – possibly paying for a minimum of 1 hour.

Purchase A Block of Hours

Another option offered by some computer services businesses is to allow businesses to purchase a block of hours.  This essentially is pre-payment for a designated number of service hours.  As service calls are made for repair and/or support, the hours are deducted from the credited amount. Keep in mind that since an hours-block model still assesses an hourly fee, it doesn’t allow for unlimited support for all end-users. There may be a small break in the hourly rate for purchasing a block of hours – this is something that would need to be discussed individually with the firm.

Break-Fix Is No Longer the Most Efficient Option for Computer Repair and Support

For the most part, the options described above fall under the “break-fix” model.  Meaning, something breaks, and you call someone out to fix it or take it somewhere to be fixed. For a long time, this was the best option for businesses.  But that was when data was smaller and our overall reliance on technology was minimal. Now that so much is online – patient forms, customer accounts, order histories, archived files, financials, payroll, etc. – and everyone works from a PC or a laptop, the need for consistent computer support to keep you on top of your IT needs is much greater. Because businesses can no longer operate at peak efficiency with just repair alone – they need to take the next step which is reliable computer support by an IT managed service provider.

What is the difference between computer repair and computer support?

In a nutshell, the break-fix model (repair) is reactive, while a managed IT service (support) solution is proactive. It’s the difference between a tech coming out to fix something and charging you by the hour to do it, and a trusted partner consulting with you on the root cause of the problem and presenting a long-term solution to fix it…and not just for today, but for good.  And (here’s the best part) possibly saving you money in the process, in addition to maybe upgrading you to a more modern solutions that is likely more flexible and adaptable. It’s the difference between reviewing options on what to do about your aging email server BEFORE it dies, as opposed to the morning that it actually happens.  Hint: before is way better.  Because before it dies you can review your options for migrating to a cloud-based service like O365, or at minimum, simply replace the server before it heads off to the land of dead hardware. After it dies, you can panic and make a hurried decision on how best to get everyone back to work ASAP. With expert IT support in place, you can avoid many unwanted surprises and make informed, intelligent decisions.  You have someone with eyes on your entire network and not just an hourly tech (or multiple techs) fixing one laptop today, repairing a server next week, and restoring your network the following week. They may never connect the dots or recommend a long-term fix.  But a reliable, trusted IT partner will.

Look No Further For Your Fully Managed IT Service Solution

Corsica specializes in provided managed IT services for businesses and has over 30 years of experience in managing systems. We will do “break-fix” for some customers, but we don’t recommend it as the best option for a business if they end up calling us frequently, because it’s simply not as cost-effective as a fixed-fee plan is.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s money with ineffective and reactive fixes when for less money, you could be implementing a real IT solution and gain a team of IT experts working for you.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with Corsica under a monthly IT service plan:

  • Fixed fee pricing – pay one flat fee each month – no more budget surprises (Want to look at pricing?  Request a Quote right now!)
  • Budget predictability – because you are on a fixed fee plan, you can finally budget for your IT needs, eliminating the wild guesses that are the norm for a business without IT support or guidance
  • 24/7 Systems Management – this is where the proactive part comes in! When you entrust your network to us, it means that you are getting eyes on it 24 hours a day by our Network Operations Center (NOC) Team.  They will address the small alerts and issues that pop up in the background (and that you have no idea about), preventing them from becoming major issues that impact your users.
  • 24/7 Tech Support – you are also getting access 24x7x365 to Tech Support.  And not just for you, but for all of your end-users.  Say John from Sales is working late on a report that is needed for a big meeting the next morning and he can’t access the network printer.  He can call Corsica at 10 p.m. or 1 a.m. or 3 a.m. and get help.
  • Network Security – Corsica deploys the latest in network security, including anti-virus, firewalls, patch management and data backups.  Stop losing sleep wondering if your data is properly backed up and protected – by letting Corsica manage it, it will be.
  • Less Stress – it’s really simple…you can get back to the business of running your business when you entrust the management, maintenance and protection of your network to our team of expert.  Because don’t you have better things to worry about than your computers?
When you aren’t an IT expert, you don’t know what you don’t know. But when you partner with Corsica Tech to become your team of IT experts, you can relax, because we’ve got I.T.    

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