Submit a Service Request

Email Us!

Sending an email creates a ticket for a call-back. Please include in the email a general description of the issue, the best contact information for you, and what time you are available.

Call Us!

PH: 260-918-8089

Get real-time support by calling us direct, 24/7. If a Service Technician is available to help you immediately, you will be directly connected. If not, we’ll get your information and schedule a call-back asap

Client Portal

Our client portal allows you to login and review the status of submitted tickets. Client Portal

Connect 2 Help Icon On Your Desktop

Opening up the Connect 2 Help tool directly from your desktop gives you one-click access to Support, and you get to choose how you request it. From your taskbar, use the arrow to display your icons. From there, choose the icon to open the tool. Once the Connect 2 Help tool is open, you can:
  • Open/Send an email that is already populated with custom details and questions for you to answer
  • Use it to link directly to the Remote Support request page on
  • Review the Corsica Tech Resource Center for any how-to guides that may offer self-help on your specific issue