Cybersecurity Training Should Be at the Top of Your To Do List!

You scored an E on the Cybersecurity Quiz!

Being cyber-aware is critical when it comes to protecting the heart of your business, and based on your low score, we recommend that you take some time to review our cybersecurity resources (see below). It’s really important that you keep current on all modern-day risks and know the red flags, because one bad click or forgotten update is all it takes to create an IT disaster.

Get the Downloadable PDF Version of the Cybersecurity Quiz & Answer Key

Get the PDF version of the quiz and use it to test your team. If your employees aren’t aware of the cyber risks and how they are being targeted, you are just one bad click away from an IT disaster.

Remember that your network security is only as strong as your weakest link (employee).

Download the Quiz

Get the separate Answer Key to the Cybersecurity Quiz, and find out your cyber-score. For any questions you missed, be sure to study up on the topic so you are up-to-date on the latest threats and risks. (You can check out the articles and resources below here.)

Download the Answer Key

More Cybersecurity Resources

We have other helpful cybersecurity resources available as well, including recorded webinars, PDF guides and videos covering topics like good password management, spotting phishing attacks, avoiding common cybersecurity mistakes and more.

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