Leadership Update | Friday, March 20, 2020

An Update from CEO Dale Walls

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Corsica Clients,

As the global response to COVID-19 escalates, you may be experiencing unprecedented challenges to your business and your technology.  We are here to help you navigate these challenges, together.  We have sent our team members to work safely, remotely and securely so that we can maintain operations to serve you.  We would like to keep our phone lines reserved for priority needs of an urgent nature.  You can still submit tickets electronically through email and they will be worked as normal.  We want to address high priority issues immediately and phone is the best way to do that.

Our team has been on calls with many of our clients and have enjoyed engaging you in a more informal setting with both our resources and yours working from home offices!  Albeit the challenges we face together front and center, this immediate flexibility demonstrated by our clients, our team, and, really, our entire country has been amazing to watch!  In the Marines we referred to this type of execution with the mantra of ‘Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome.’  It’s clear to me now more than ever that that’s not just a Marine mantra, but an American one.  And through such leadership we will get through this together—we always have.

Again, we appreciate your patience in this unusual time. We are here to help, so let us know how we can!

Stay safe.

Dale Walls
Corsica Technologies