Leadership Update | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Service Prioritization Re: COVID-19

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Dear Clients,

We are hearing from many of you as you respond to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19.  We’d like to ask for your help as we prioritize service requests so that we can respond as quickly as possible to the most urgent needs.  For the time being, we would like to request that the phone lines be reserved for urgent issues, meaning that users or groups of users are impacted OR that the lack of a quick resolution could have a severe impact to your business operations.  For non-urgent issues, please continue to contact us via email or support portal.

We are here to serve and want to ensure that our efforts are applied to the most urgent of needs first while still providing regular support to all clients.

We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to adapt to this rapidly changing situation.

Dustin Stewart
Vice President of IT Services