Corsica Tech Team

The Corsica Technologies team loves technology as much as – okay, let’s be real…WAY more than – the next guy.

We pretty much live and breathe all things IT, and our President (Dale…you can learn more about his story here!) actually owns and proudly wears a t-shirt that reads “GEEK.”  Seriously…you can’t make this stuff up!

Despite this, there are actual living, breathing human beings behind the remote sessions that help reset your password or restore your printer connection, the NOC Team that is monitoring and addressing those 3 a.m. system alerts, and all the very mysterious (not really – just technical!) things that happen behind the scenes to make sure that the heart of your business is secure, and that your network is operating at peak efficiency.

In fact there are awesome people here with hobbies, and children and favorite TV shows and pets who cheer wildly for our favorite sports teams, love a good beer and/or a good book and are almost all terrible at golf. Sometimes we even take a break and go fishing.

We are part of the communities we serve and have a vested interest in making sure that our customers – current and future – get the most out of the technology that we work hard to understand, maximize and also enjoy.

We are your Corsica Tech Team and we love what we do, our awesome customers, and showing up every day wondering what problems we get to solve next and how we can make your work day better.

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