FAQ’s: Questions about Corsica Tech

Corsica Tech FAQ’s

Corsica Tech is an outsourced technology service provider.  What that means is that for businesses that need total or supplementary IT support, we can take care of it by fully managing, maintaining, monitoring and protecting your network and all of the computers associated with it.  We can do this under a service plan, or we can work with you for one-time IT projects.  Or we can do both.

That’s us in a nutshell, but we thought you might have some other questions about Corsica Tech, so we provided the FAQ’s below.  Check them out and if you don’t find what you were looking for, give us a call at 877-367-9348.

You can also check out the Solutions Center for step by step guides to a number of common IT-specific questions or issues.

Have a question about Corsica Tech that you don't see listed below? Request a call or contact us at service@corsicatech.com or 877-367-9348.

Our core business is to manage, monitor and maintain business networks; therefore, we do not provide support for residential customers. 

We do provide support as needed to business customers who have off-site locations, which in certain situations are residences.  If you are in need of a referral for home computer repair, feel free to give us a call and we can make a recommendation.

Yes! Our first priority when you contact us due to an issue is to resolve it as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.  For businesses not currently under one of our Managed Service Plans, we offer on-site services at a billable rate, with a 2-hour minimum per service call.  The fees and scheduling process will be explained to at the time of your call.

We no longer provide remote HelpDesk support for non-managed customers, as we need to ensure that we are able to provide timely responses to our managed customers at all times.

It depends. You do not need to have a monthly plan (known as a Managed Service Plan) with Corsica in order to utilize our on-site services.  We can provide on-site support on an as-needed basis for both issues and IT Projects and you will be billed at the standard hourly rates.  A minimum of 2 hours will be billed for all on-site service visits.

But our remote HelpDesk services are only available to managed customers.  This ensures that contract customers always have access to this valuable resource.

If find that you are calling us frequently, we do recommend that you learn more about our Managed IT Services, and our Service Plan offerings because in the long-run this fixed fee format will be more cost-effective and more efficient.  In addition, you will receive the benefit of our 24/7 monitoring services and our HelpDesk services, which will mean fewer issues overall and immediate assistance when they do arise.

This “break-fix” service model creates a purely reactive relationship, and thatt isn’t an efficient or effective model.  Our goal at Corsica is to be proactive to prevent IT issues wherever possible, which is why we always recommend that businesses consider one of our Managed Service Plans

We offer several different plans to meet the varying needs/sizes of our customers but the one standard across every single plan is that we provide constant monitoring of your system.  Along with providing the software to protect your data by way of backups and anti-virus, we manage the small issues that occur in the background and in this way we can prevent them from because major issues that cause you to have to call in an hourly Tech Support solution.

Yes, Corsica Tech is an Apple approved Affiliate Program Partner and we have Technicians that are trained and certified to install and repair Apple products.  We can also assist with the purchase of Apple products.

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