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When things go bad with your technology, our Help Desk team is there to get you back to work.  Because we know you have better things to worry about than your computer.

Corsica Tech Computer Help DeskAnd that is exactly why we staff a local Help Desk Team.  Our experienced professionals are always available to provide Remote Assistance or Phone Support to our managed IT service customers, which means they can diagnose and fix your computer problem without having to schedule someone to come out to your location…saving you both time and money.

Why spend tons of time troubleshooting I.T. issues when with one phone call to the Corsica Tech Help Desk team, you can have an expert quickly resolve the issue for you while you focus on what you really need to be doing?

Want to see what exactly happens when you contact the Corsica Tech HelpDesk?  Click here!

Current Corsica customers click here to be connected to the Help Desk team.

Remote Access

If your computer is using a High-Speed Internet connection, our service technicians can use the Remote Access tool to securely access, diagnose and repair your computer (available to managed IT service customers only).

In effect you allow the Corsica Tech professional to “take the wheel” and figure out what’s gone wrong.  Your computer will be analyzed using various diagnostic tools.  Once the problem is found and diagnosed it can more than likely be repaired remotely by the service technician, while you continue to work on other things.

If the fix actually does require an on-site service visit, the Help Desk team will review all of this with you and get you scheduled for the needed follow-up.

Phone Support

Some computer problems aren’t as difficult to fix as you may think. Because our Help Desk team is in the business of troubleshooting, what may take you hours to diagnose and fix can take a tech just a few minutes over the phone.

Other times, you may just need assistance with something like setting up an email account, or utilizing features in the latest version of Microsoft Office or on your iPhone.

In these cases, you can call ahead to speak with a service technician. Depending on the question or problem you are having, we may be able to help guide you step by step towards a resolution. If not, we’d be more than happy to schedule an appointment to further investigate the issue you are having.

We also invite you to visit our Solutions Center for step by step guides on many common IT questions and problems.  You might just find the answer there, getting you back to business even quicker.

Need Help Desk Support Right Now?

Contact Corsica Tech at 877-367-9348 or  Our Service Coordination team will work with you to resolve the problem and get you back to work.

Note:  Corsica’s HelpDesk support is reserved solely for current managed IT service customers.  Non-managed businesses can request an on-site visit for technical support, but do not have access to Corsica’s HelpDesk services.  There is a 2-hour minimum for on-site services.

If you’d like to speak with an Account Executive about becoming a managed IT services customer, request a call and someone will contact you right away. 

Corsica Tech customers can call 877-367-9348 or click here.

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