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Are you prepared for a disaster?

And if you answered yes, are you prepared to continue operations under a “business as usual” model in the midst of a crisis, or are you only prepared to recover from a disaster once the dust has settled?

Emergency preparedness is something most businesses believe in, in theory…yet many still haven’t taken the steps needed to ensure that they don’t just merely survive a disaster, but that they are actually able to operate like there was no disaster at all. And while there are varying degrees of preparedness, the “I’m not worried, because that won’t ever happen to me” approach is doomed to fail one day.

When it comes to Disaster Recovery, it’s important to understand the difference between having your data backed up by way of a traditional solution like a tape back-up or a server, and really having a full disaster recovery solution in place. And the primary difference between the two is time.

Disaster-Recovery-WordsWhen you implement a disaster recovery solution before an emergency occurs, you take out the “now what?” factor, drastically reducing and potentially eliminating outright your overall recovery time.

That’s because you don’t waste time figuring out how to move the raw data stored on backup tapes and actually make it accessible to employees and customers. Instead you press “GO” on the disaster recovery plan that you already have.

Depending on the circumstances and scope of the disaster, the result may be zero downtime and no loss of productivity.

But even if there is a delay in switching over to Plan B for IT operations, it’s still more efficient than a reactive approach that leaves you scrambling to figure out what to do next in order to keep your business network up and running.

With so many affordable Cloud-based Disaster Recovery IT solutions available today, planning for an emergency has never been easier.

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Make Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning a Priority for Your Business

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