Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing offers some enormous advantages to businesses versus traditional hardware solutions.  As more and more business applications – both general and line-of-business – move to the Cloud, smart businesses are making the most of the upside offered by utilizing Cloud technologies. (In fact, you can read our blog post detailing the 5 great reasons that every SMB should take advantage of the Cloud technology trend.)

The benefits to you are:

Cost-savings – with cloud applications you either pay only for what you use or a monthly subscription fee, thereby eliminating a large investment in expensive hardware

Minimal Installation – sign up and activate Cloud services online

Data Backups – provides a secure, off-site backup solution

Use IT Anywhere – flexible options for remote users, business travel, and business continuity…in the event of a local disaster, staff can work from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection

Less Maintenance – Cloud-based applications automatically upgrade, meaning no maintenance required

Disaster Recovery Solutions

There is no 100% guarantee against IT issues or the dreaded “disaster.”  Because a disaster can be a hyper-local event like a fire in your server room, or a major national event like a hurricane. But downtime is downtime and no matter who or what causes it, it’s going to cost you if you aren’t prepared. Which is why every business needs to establish a disaster recovery plan.  Learn more about Disaster Recovery Planning.

Thanks to the options made available by Cloud Technologies there are secure, affordable options for absolutely every budget. Corsica Tech will work with you to implement a disaster recovery plan that will ensure your business keeps going even when things around you fall apart.

Data Backups

Data, data and more data.  As business practices in basically every industry continue to move online, it has created a ton of efficiency but also a whole lot of data.  Knowing how to manage and protect it can be overwhelming.  Even worse, if it’s not managed properly, the consequences for your business can be disastrous.  Learn more about managing Data Backups.

Web Design & Development

Having a strong online presence is a must for any business in existence today. It’s not enough though to just have a website – you need a website that is mobile-friendly, loads instantly and has a modern look and feel or visitors will dismiss your business and move on to your competitor.

Corsica’s web team will work with you to make sure that your website is working for you and not against you.

Learn more about Web Design here.
Learn more about Web Development here.

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