January 14, 2020 | Nathan Maederer

What is Defense in Depth?

What 3 Things Does a Cybercriminal Need To Breach Your Network? Time Energy Resources A cybercriminal only needs these three things to breach any network in the world. If someone is determined enough to breach a network, including yours, they can, and they will. All technology can be breached no matter how secure you believe […]

July 16, 2019 | Lizzie Danielson

La Porte County pays $130,000 in Bitcoin as ransom to hackers

Two organizations in Indiana are recovering from cyber-attacks, but their recoveries are looking very different. Here’s why.   La Porte County was hit with ransomware that locked up part of the government’s computer system. After talking with FBI cyber experts, county leaders determined that decryption keys would not work, so the La Porte County government ended […]