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Why Having a Good Wi-Fi Network Matters

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You Need a Good Wi-Fi Network – And Here’s Why

In case you somehow missed the memo, it’s a wireless world out there.  But are you connected?  If you aren’t, read on for all the reasons why you need a good Wi-Fi network and what you should do about it.

Business of all shapes and sizes have untethered, allowing employees, customers, visitors and basically anyone with a connected device to roam freely while still having the information they need at their fingertips.

Think about your own habits, both personally and professionally.  Chances are you have pulled up a website or app while out shopping in a retail establishment, or looked up something on social media while enjoying a meal with friends.  While nowadays you can certainly accomplish that by using your wireless service (and burning through your data), isn’t it great to have the option to connect to that establishment’s Wi-Fi network instead?  This is particularly true if you are going to be there for an extended length of time.

When visiting another office location, isn’t it pretty much your expectation that they will be able to provide you with Wi-Fi access so you can connect and catch up on emails while there, or have a live Wi-Fi connection during your meeting or presentation?  It’s a safe bet that any visitors to your office are expecting the same ability to connect.

Even within your own office, isn’t it helpful (or wouldn’t it be?) that you can be equally productive in a conference room, a colleague’s office as well as your own work space? It’s just as nice to have a change of scenery some days, while not losing any productivity because you are connected throughout the entire space.

And while traveling, is it not expected that basically any hotel you stay in anymore will provide you with Wi-Fi access during your stay?  It’s entirely possible that you might not even stay there without this amenity.

A perfect example of this expectation came in the form of a recent case study we did about a Marina whose members and guests were loudly complaining that the Wi-Fi network was at best, inconsistent.  Owner Susan Campbell recognized that providing Wi-Fi to her customers was no longer a “nice to have” – it had become a must-have and that prompted her to figure out a way to get it done.

Coffee shops around the country were really the first to recognize the benefit of providing this service, and as a result, Starbucks and other coffee shops are often at the top of the list of a good place for a pit stop to get some work done.

But really, the single biggest reason why you need a good Wi-Fi network is because it’s the year 2016 and it’s just what you do.  And fyi – it’s more affordable than you think!

You Need a Good Wi-Fi Network With Consistent, Quality Service

Now that you are nodding along in agreement, the only thing left to cover is that getting the right commercial Wi-Fi network in place really depends on working with the right provider.  See again the Campbell’s Boatyards story and the mess they had on their hands until they finally turned to the right service provider (yay, Corsica!).

With different equipment out there – our wireless equipment provider of choice is Ubiquiti, but there are others – and many unique variables that can impact the strength and quality of your network, we strongly recommend that you get experts to assess and assist you if you are undertaking this project.

And yes…Corsica Tech just happens to be qualified for the job!  With many years of experience and great partners in the Wi-Fi field, we can help you get your Wi-Fi network in place and working well right from the start.

If you’re ready for Enterprise-level Wi-Fi at a small business price, we’re ready for you!

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