What 3 Things Does a Cybercriminal Need To Breach Your Network?

    • Time
    • Energy
    • Resources
    A cybercriminal only needs these three things to breach any network in the world. If someone is determined enough to breach a network, including yours, they can, and they will. All technology can be breached no matter how secure you believe it to be, and size doesn’t necessarily matter. Many businesses think only large businesses are susceptible to risk, but cybercriminals often hit smaller businesses first because they believe they will be easier to infiltrate.

    Is There Any Way to Combat These Threats?

    Just as the Defense in Depth strategy uses multiple layers of force to wear down the enemy, businesses can use security tools that will act as multiple layers of defense for their network. For example Firewall, Strong Password Policy, Security Awareness Training, Anti-Virus, Encryption, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Intrusion Detection (IDS), Endpoint Detection and Response, etc. are all layers of security that work together to make it much more difficult for a cybercriminal to infiltrate your network. It will take them more time, energy, and resources to break through these multiple layers compared to breaching the company that relies only on a firewall to protect its data. This strategy, combined with a balance between productivity and budget, can create a strong defense for your data. At Corsica, we take a consultative approach to understand our prospects’ goals and risk acceptance to create a customized cybersecurity solution that provides the optimum depth in defense for their organization.

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    Nathan is an Account Executive at Corsica Technologies. He has combined 4 years of experience selling technology into multiple verticals with a special focus in Local Government and Manufacturing. He was a Portland native for seventeen years, then later moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where he resides now. Nathan is a proud graduate of Clemson University in Accounting and Legal Studies. He is married to Rosie Maederer, and they have a little boy, Tobias, who keeps them on their toes day in and day out. Nathan’s purpose is to find and cultivate new partnerships who are in need of IT leadership and next-generation cybersecurity.

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