What Is Data Loss Prevention and Why Is It Important?

Data loss — whether from accidental user-error or malicious malware attack — can have severe consequences on both your business continuity and your bottom line.

In the event of a data breach, your organization risks the destruction or loss of necessary information and data security. Without the proper data to complete project deliverables, customer experience and retention suffers, and a breach of private data can incur hefty regulatory fines. Any business that handles private, financial, or medical information is subject to strict regulations that cover data encryption, archival, and availability for recovery.

While data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA protect cloud-users and consumers, fines associated with violations drive up the cost of data loss resolution. In 2020 alone, GDPR fines totaled nearly $200 million.

By implementing a data loss prevention software, you can avoid the costly consequences of a data breach, secure data on remote cloud systems, and achieve greater visibility across growing organizations.

What Is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is the practice of using software to detect and protect against instances of data loss, destruction, and unwanted access. DLP security technology provides automatic discovery and control of sensitive data within cloud-based services, such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and Office desktop applications, and email.

How to Prevent Data Loss in Cloud Computing

As organizations become increasingly cloud-based, threats from the cyber risk landscape increase.

Despite the near-ubiquitous adoption of cloud-based operations, not all cloud users are well-versed in best practices that prevent data loss. To safeguard your organization from accidental data loss by human error or breach, consider implementing data loss protection policies and software to monitor and preserve your data integrity.

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Data Loss Prevention Software – How Does It Work and Why Do I Need It?

DLP software monitors and safeguards your data in digital transit, stored data, and data in use. The software can then act on any sensitive or at-risk data cases in many different ways and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. For example, a data loss prevention software may alert users by:

  • Showing a pop-up warning
  • Blocking file sharing
  • Blocking file sharing but allowing users to override by providing justification
  • For data at rest, lock and move to a secure location
  • For Teams, redact sensitive information

At Corsica Technologies, the process for implementing a successful data loss prevention policy and software begins with assessing company technology, needs, and gaps in sensitive data coverage. This sensitive data is detected using deep content analysis like keyword and regex matches, recognizing secondary data in proximity, machine learning, and other proprietary methods. Once the sensitive data is identified and the organization’s tech stack is understood, Corsica Technologies helps to roll out a robust DLP computer security system to meet the organization’s individual business needs.

These data loss prevention tools, in conjunction with integrated personnel training on data safety and security, can protect and defend your company’s sensitive data.

Corsica Technologies
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