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The End Of Metered Billing In Technology Services

Unlimited IT Support Services - Corsica Technologies

Let’s be honest. When it comes to technology services, something is broken.

Customers aren’t getting the consistency, responsiveness, and cost transparency they deserve. Meanwhile, MSPs (managed IT service providers) promise the moon with “all-in” pricing, yet they still allow tons of exceptions that generate unique charges. Even if they claim to offer unlimited services for one monthly price, it’s just not true.

Maybe that works from the MSP’s perspective, but what about the customer? Does the relationship really deliver for them? Is this how a true partner operates?

We believe every company deserves better. Here are 3 common problems with MSPs—and how true unlimited services are the answer.

1. Most MSPs don’t actually offer unlimited services for one predictable price

This is an uncomfortable fact. While most MSPs advertise “unlimited IT services” or “all-in pricing,” the reality is more complicated. Due to their operational structure, these MSPs still have to ring up the cash register for out-of-scope work.

For example:

  • Betty’s computer got a virus? Isolating and reimaging the machine may be in-scope, but what about damage to other devices—or an entire network that’s been compromised? What about doing everything required to return the company to normal operations? MSPs are often careful not to cover the downstream impacts of such incidents in their terms. It’s incredibly rare to find a Cybersecurity Service Guarantee like what we offer here at Corsica.
  • Did your EDI integration break again? Most MSPs can’t help you with this. You’ll have to engage your EDI service provider to figure out what happened, fix the issue, and keep those critical documents flowing. It’s incredibly rare to find an MSP who has EDI experts on staff, as we do here at Corsica. Learn more: EDI Services and Solutions.
  • Do you need to add some workstations? That will probably require a dedicated engagement. It will also change your baseline monthly cost if the MSP bills by workstation count.

From the perspective of the service provider, this approach to billing makes sense. But it’s not great for the customer—especially when it comes to budgeting.

Speaking of which…

Unlimited IT services vs. unpredictable billing - Corsica Technologies

2. Most MSPs make it hard to budget for technology support services

We’ve heard it time and again. Companies come to us with baggage. They would love to find truly unlimited services for IT, cybersecurity, and more—and they would love to get all those services for one predictable monthly price. But most MSPs don’t actually offer this value, even if they say they do. Consequently, customers have been burned by wildly inconsistent bills—and those bills are generated by things beyond the customer’s control.

  • Seasonal spikes in business activity can create spikes in support requests. If you’re getting charged per support request, that’s tough on your budget. Wouldn’t you rather have one predictable monthly price that covers fluctuating needs in technology services?
  • Business growth leads to new employees and more workstations. If you’re getting billed per user, you may find your technology service costs ballooning—and chipping away at those growing profits.
  • Data integrations require unpredictable engagements just to keep the lights on. Any time a field changes in one system or a software update occurs, you’ve got a problem. If you’re lucky enough to have an MSP who can handle data integration and EDI, they’re going to create a new engagement to handle that issue. But life would be much simpler (and costs more predictable) if your MSP would just cover these items with unlimited service for one predictable monthly price.

Here at Corsica, we don’t believe in unpredictable billing. You deserve one truly unchanging price that covers unlimited services for IT, cybersecurity, EDI, and digital transformation. That’s why we’ve structured our services delivery model to accommodate fluctuating needs—without passing those fluctuations on to you in the form of changing costs.

Unpredictable billing is a big issue for MSPs, but it’s not the only issue. We need to talk about EDI and data integration.

3. Most MSPs can’t help you with EDI

EDI is a complex technology. It requires dedication and experience to get it right—which is why we like to say EDI is a career, not a skill.

Yet most MSPs don’t handle EDI. They focus on IT and cybersecurity services. This model forces you to deal with multiple providers—which leads to more unpredictable costs. This model can also put you in the hot seat as you try to coordinate different providers who aren’t focused on mutual success.

What’s the alternative?

A provider who offers one all-inclusive plan.

Here at Corsica, we deliver all services under an unlimited or unmetered model:

  • Managed cybersecurity
  • Managed IT services
  • EDI (from consulting to implementation to managed services)
  • Data integration
  • AI and Digital transformation
  • vCIO/vCISO consulting

This integrated approach creates some amazing benefits:

  • You get one cohesive team working on critical technology every day—and that team is made up of career experts in cybersecurity, IT, EDI, data integration, and digital transformation.
  • You can treat all your technology needs as a single line item rather than getting your hands dirty as you fight for your own interests between different providers.
  • You can get fully managed services if you don’t have technology staff.
  • You can get co-managed help where you need specialists working alongside your staff of IT generalists.
  • You can focus on your core business rather than getting bogged down with troubleshooting, support, triage between vendors, and technical issues.  

Unmetered technology services - One predictable monthly price - Corsica Technologies

Moving forward: The end of metered billing with unlimited technology services

No one should suffer from unpredictable service bills for IT, cybersecurity, EDI, or digital transformation. If that describes your organization, we should talk. Corsica Technologies is on a mission to make managed services work for companies that deserve better. We would love to hear about the challenges you’re facing and discuss how we can make life easier. Contact us today, and let’s take your next step.

Ready for predictable billing in technology services?

Reach out to schedule a consultation with a specialist.

Brian Harmison
Brian Harmison is the CEO of Corsica Technologies, a leading IT solutions provider, with over two decades of experience in technology. He has held key leadership positions in renowned technology companies, specializing in IT strategy, cybersecurity, and managed services. His vision has driven Corsica Technologies’ growth and transformation, making it a trusted partner for IT solutions and cybersecurity services. Through collaboration, mentorship, and team development, Brian positions Corsica Technologies for continued success and innovation in IT and cybersecurity.

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