The Dark Web is Where Your Stolen Data is Bought and Sold

The internet you can access through your browser is only 5% of the entire internet. Beyond that is the deep web; pages that can’t be accessed by search engines. It contains libraries of private or forgotten data. Beyond the deep web is the “dark web,” where the worst of human nature resides.

Marketplaces exist on the dark web for cybercriminals to buy and sell online credentials, credit cards, and personal health information. EDTS Cyber can monitor the dark web for the resale of your company usernames, email addresses, and other data that could potentially be used to access your systems without your knowledge.

How a Threat Monitoring Assessment Works

The Threat Monitoring Assessment is a unique assessment-consultation we provide for your enterprise-wide defense against the illegal sale of your data. The assessment is comprised of an annual search that reveals dark web activity related to your company.

Benefits of a Threat Monitoring Assessment


Gain insight into your breach risk level based on Dark Web activity


Safeguard consumer data and fortify your brand

What’s Included:

In-Depth Assessment

Dark Web Scan for your company domains; this scan is able to reveal credentials used in any number of vital accounts, including online banking, human resources, and password directories.

Executive Summary

An executive summary of all findings is delivered following the assessment.

Targeted Recommendations

If we’re alerted to dark web activity, we make recommendations to your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies and practices.

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