of malicious attacks target customers’ personal information and company financials and trade secrets.

Are You Meeting the Security Requirements of Your Policy?

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment is one of the critical assessment consultations we provide for your enterprise-wide defense to ensure compliance. While many companies have opted to use cyber insurance for protection, the payout rate remains extremely low due to non-compliance with the insurance policy requirements.

Many retail and food chains, for example, have breach coverage for the credit card information they collect. We often conduct audits and find the company has a piece of paper—but no real protection.

Cyber insurance can provide a cushion in the case of stolen customer or company data, but it is not cyber defense.

What’s Included

In-Depth Assessment

Our certified Security Auditors assess your adherence to your policy’s good standing requirements.

Executive Summary

We return to your location and present an executive summary of all findings so you can ask your questions and leave with the answers.

Gap Analysis

Any and all gaps in your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies and practices are reported to you before they could lead to disqualification from coverage.

Roadmap to Remediation

Immediately understand how to address security gaps

Targeted Recommendations

Better formulate your budget and priorities according to our team’s remediation recommendations.

Optional Support Contracts

Contract with short or long term to handle remediation and integration tasks and support

The Benefits of Cyber Insurance Risk Assessments

Corsica Cyber provides a Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment for eliminating the unknowns in your security policy and helping you address your vulnerabilities. We work with a number of cyber insurance vendors to help you understand cyber insurance coverage and get the most from your policy.

Our Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment measures your network security standing against your policy requirements. The resulting executive summary helps you better defend your company day-to-day and mitigate disaster risk through cybersecurity insurance coverage.

Demonstrate Your Compliance

  • Meet all policy requirements
  • Get a full payout in the case of a breach
  • Know where your company stands in the eyes of your insurance provider and compliance auditor

Gain Better Overall Security

  • Reassure your customers employees that they are in safe hands
  • Fortify your brand and reputation
  • Maintain your competitive edge and guard your intellectual property

Benefit from an Unbiased Expert

  • Sound judgment based 20 years of assessment experience
  • Top industry certifications coupled with industry experience
  • A thorough understanding of the technologies deployed in your environment

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