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Run Your Business From Anywhere at Anytime

With Corsica’s Business Continuity and Cloud Solutions for businesses, we help U.S. businesses equip their teams with the tools and support they need to run your business securely from anywhere in the world–even from home! Plus, your business technology will be flexible be to adapt to rapidly changing developments like natural disasters, pandemics, business travel, or when life just gets a little too hectic.

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Our Process

As we work to implement your remote workplace solution, you’ll recieve:

  • A detailed analysis of your current technology
  • A plan of action to implement remote workplace into for your business
  • A detailed budget plan and scope of work
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A Natural Partnership

  • Our team consists of experienced, highly certified professionals who are familiar with IT best practices for your industry.
  • We have extensive knowledge in helping businesses take advantage of the latest in cutting-edge cloud technologies for business
  • Our seasoned team analyzes your current business technology to provide you with a fresh perspective.

Remote Workplace Service Offerings

Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We’ll implement your very own VPN so your team can securely access your business data from anywhere in the world.

Team Collaboration Tools

Your team gets a complete suite of tools to maximize their productivity and collaboration at all times, no matter the situation.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our team will build a secure cloud storage environement, giving your team the ability to access files, documents, and data securely from anywhere, at anytime.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Your business is equipped with state-of-the-art cybersecurity resources and our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your network to detect & respond to security threats.

Security Awareness Training

We train your team on cybersecurity best practices so they know how to properly protect your data while working out of the office.

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