of Employees Are Connecting Personal Mobile Devices to Your Company’s Network

Mobile Devices Can Be Difficult to Secure

In our new age of smartphones, there are many more vulnerabilities to businesses who offer mobile phones to their employees. The three most common threats are SMSing, wireless access attacks, and malicious apps. Mobile phones are one of the leading areas of data loss.

Our unique, value-added solution in our Security & Recovery suite adds another layer of data protection to your existing security stack to ensure you are responsibly protecting data stored on company-connected devices.

54% Growth in Mobile Malware Strains in 2017

Mobile Data Encryption & Remote Management

EDTS Cyber offers mobile device management with a twist. We provide additional agents on your company phones that allows advanced data management, such as location tracking, remote data wiping, and encryption.

Mobile Threat Detection

When employees connect to an unsecured wireless network in the airport or visit eBay and other sites, hackers can set up access points to decrypt your traffic and find your passwords and the information you are sending via mobile device. They also utilize malicious apps to steal your data. We can help protect your employees from each of these threats.

We go one step further and provide an agent that looks at all of the apps on each of your business phones to make sure employees are not accessing data outside of what’s reasonable and within your company policies. This agent also identifies dangerous apps that are designed to steal data from your phones.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Many companies are using mobile devices but very few are protecting the data stored and exchanged on them.

Gain a Protected Mobile Business Environment

Defend against malicious apps and untrustworthy Wi-Fi networks.

Prepare for an Uptick in Mobile Compliance Audits

Because of mobile’s weaknesses, industries subject to compliance standards should expect a thorough evaluation of your mobile encryption practices.

What’s Included

Mobile Data Encryption

Hold company data in a secure, encrypted container

Location Tracking

Know where your devices are at all times

Remote Data Wiping

In the case of theft

Identifies Company-owned Data

And separates it from personal data

Data Loss Prevention

Know what is happening to your files inside of your employees’ devices

App Monitoring

Detect potentially dangerous apps

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