When you invest in new technology, you naturally expect it to perform and that will be able to realize the benefits to your business…either through speed or efficiency, or both. And network infrastructure is all about performance.

It’s like this – you can purchase the newest, fastest, sleekest computer equipment available today…but if you are still using dial-up Internet service, it isn’t going to matter. That brand-new equipment is only going to perform as well as the connection will allow it to.

So just as you wouldn’t add 20 people to your staff when your office space only accommodates 10, you don’t want to purchase or lease equipment or services that rely on a specific network infrastructure configuration without first knowing what is actually happening behind the scenes in your cabling environment. It doesn’t mean you can’t build your team or upgrade to more advanced equipment. But it does mean that knowing the footprint is a critical piece of the puzzle.

And that is precisely why you need to understand not just your IT hardware and software but also your network infrastructure. Because you need to be sure that it is robust and modern enough to maximize the network that it is supporting or that you are considering investing in. And if it’s not, you can then turn to a network infrastructure expert like the Corsica Tech team to understand how it needs to be designed to take you to the next level.

Corsica Tech can support your Network Infrastructure needs, with capabilities to design, plan and install structured cabling systems that will improve your IT and communications systems and allow you to take full advantage of the latest technology.

Corsica has knowledge and experience in the planning and installation of network cabling, including:

  • Outside Plant Installation (Fiber, Copper)
  • Inside Plant (Categorized Cabling, Fiber, Desktop)
  • Wireless Networks