Don’t worry about a cyber-attack. Plan for it.

Cybersecurity is every business leader’s responsibility. And doing it right is a full-time job that requires constant monitoring, testing and updating of the various network security services that get deployed for maximum security against today’s threats.

With the tremendous increase in cyber-attacks overall, the explosion of ransomware attacks, and sophistication of today’s schemes, having strong network security has never been more important. And no business is immune, no matter how small.

That’s why Corsica uses only the highest caliber devices and security services, and has adopted a layered approach to network security. Our managed IT customers benefit from top-notch security, and can relax knowing that a team of experts is protecting the heart of their business 24/7.

The best defense against an IT disaster is proactive network security.

Our security solutions include:

24/7 Systems Monitoring & Maintenance

The foundation of a modern network security solution is 24/7 monitoring. If your business network goes down, a server fails or your system is otherwise compromised, you need someone to get the alert – and take steps to resolve the issue – in real-time. Corsica’s Network Operations Center offers 24x7x365 remote monitoring services by a professional team of technicians.

Patch Management Services

Patch management is a critical component of any good network security strategy. Having a dedicated team that will evaluate which updates are critical (and which can be ignored), testing them, and then applying them system-wide means you get peace of mind that you aren’t increasing your cyber-risks by running outdated operating systems or software.

Firewall Security

A firewall is a network device that is designed to block certain kinds of network traffic. It’s the barrier between trusted sources and those that are known or suspected to be malicious or unauthorized. Corsica uses an enterprise-class firewall device to secure your network and keep out unwanted and unsafe traffic. It also gives us visibility to any intrusion attempts.

Data Backups Management

In today’s threat landscape, the only guarantee against data loss is having reliable, sound data backups in place. Our network security program offers both systems backup and desktop-level backups. All backups are regularly tested to ensure they are working properly. Data loss can occur through human error, cyber-attack, a local disaster such as a fire or flood, or even a weather event. Make sure the heart of your business (your data) is safe and sound no matter what.

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Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam Software

Anti-spam and anti-virus software are still a vital piece of the network security puzzle. While you can no longer rely on just this one component to stay safe from cyber-threats, they are essential for blocking known, wide-scale malware signatures. With our solutions, your anti-spam and anti-virus software will always be kept up-to-date, protecting you from a large number of online threats.

End-User Educating & Training

There is always going to be one element of risk within your business that you cannot control – the human beings who work for you. That’s why end-user education and training are a critical part of any modern network security program. We routinely offer live webinars, share out best practices and offer other useful resources that help to raise awareness of the many threats that exist and how to spot (and avoid) them.

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