of Senior Managers Upload Business Files to a Personal Email or Cloud Account

Maintain Confidentiality and Control Over Email Communication

Email Encryption & Archiving is a value-added solution in our Security & Recovery suite. This managed service adds another unique layer of data protection to your existing security stack to ensure sensitive emails are protected during transit between you and your customer. In addition to encryption, email archival provides backup and recovery of all email exchanges in the event an employee deletes important emails or attempts to cover up malicious behavior.

Secure Your Private Company Communications with Email Encryption

Let Us Handle Your Email Security

Our email archiving solution retains a copy of all emails sent and received from your company. We store your emails onsite and/or in the cloud, depending on your compliance needs, providing you with a “paper trail” of everything that has been sent by all employees, so you can maintain and access it at a later time in the event something malicious or negligent occurs.

From a compliance, security, and peace of mind standpoint, it is critical to protect one of the highest value targets in your company: emails from high-level executives, medical companies who transmit client files, etc. EDTS Cyber acts as a trusted partner for companies who would like to save time and resources by leaving email and encryption and archival to us.


Remain in good compliance standing.

We provide records of your email security solutions for your compliance-readiness needs.

Safeguard your confidential communication.

Don’t give attackers low hanging fruit by leaving confidential communications exposed.

Save time for strategic projects.

When you outsource email security and archival to EDTS Cyber, you gain back time that would be otherwise spent managing storage and settings.

What’s Included

Email Encryption

Encrypts email exchanges while they are in transit


Meets compliance for email exchange of personal or sensitive information

Automated Archival

Archival of all company emails for a permanent record of data

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