of Cyber Attacks Target Small to Midsize Businesses1

While many businesses think they are too small to be at risk for a cyber attack, the truth is small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) comprise over half of the cyber attack victims per year. While the costs associated with such data breaches can be measured, the damage to company reputation and reputation is immeasurable and problematic to repair.

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The Cost of Prevention is Always Lower Than the Price of Infection

DataSentry™ is a sophisticated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service, which monitors and alerts at the system level, including servers, workstations/computers, and even files. Unlike anti-virus, which solely monitors computers for suspicious executable files, EDR can monitor any dynamic change to a system and securely send this information to the Corsica Cyber SOC.

Real-time Threat Response

Cutting average Incident Response IR time from 78 hours to less than 15 minutes

Proactive Threat Hunting

We monitor and record all activity to allow for advanced analysis of unusual activity

Reduced Internal Burden

Eliminate support tickets involving device restoration

DataSentry Defends Your Business Against:

Unauthorized access to your systems via a server or computer
And other destructive programs that go unnoticed by even advanced antivirus
Covert, remote access and control of a computer to perform criminal activity
Covert, remote monitoring of device activity in order to gain intelligence
Spyware, keyloggers, and look-alike emails and websites designed to capture sensitive information
Software vulnerabilities that have not been discovered by the developer but have been uncovered by hackers

See the Managed Security Overview

After Detection, We Respond

While our advanced threat detection technology can discover breaches within minutes, it is critical that a business take the appropriate actions to contain and eradicate the threat. That’s why we have a dedicated Incident Response Team poised to investigate and contain malicious activity.

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