A meager 4% of records lost over the past five years were rendered useless to hackers through encryption.

Ensure The Right Eyes See Your Data With Encryption

Encryption has become a standard best practice for data storage and transmission. The “scrambling” of original data through encryption keeps hackers, crackers, and unauthorized insiders from understanding the message they intercepted or downloaded.

Because many companies have not fully adopted encryption, only 4% of records lost in breaches have been rendered useless to hackers through encryption. Let’s change that. Encrypting data is so straightforward and cost-effective that it’s a natural addition to your security strategy.

Secure data right at the source, and protect your company, your executives, your clients, your patients, and more.

Key Benefits of Anywhere Encryption

What encrypting your data at rest, in transit, and in the cloud does for your data:

Protect Out of Network Data Exchanges

Keep email and data encrypted even when sent or transferred to a new network.

Minimize Your Attack Surface

Data encryption decreases the number of openings that could be exploited by hackers to see your private data.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Encryption is a core compliance requirement for companies handling Payment Card Data, PHI, and CJI.

What’s Included

Mobile Data Encryption

Hold company data in a secure, encrypted container

Laptop & USB Encryption

Gain peace of mind regarding data stored on devices in transit

Cloud Encryption

Scramble data stored in the cloud

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