Backup Now So You Don’t Have to Pay Up Later.

Think a data disaster will never happen to your business? Think again.

Disaster happens, and it can just as easily happen to you. It’s not just cyber-attacks that you have to worry about either. Data loss can happen as a result of:

  • Data BackupsA Malicious or Criminal Attack
  • Human Error
  • Using Weak/Stolen/Default Passwords
  • A Local Disaster (Fire/Flood/Spilled Cup of Coffee)
  • Lost or Stolen Devices
  • IT and Business Process Failures
  • Negligent or Uneducated Employees

So how can you protect your business against these data loss threats? By planning for them. (Check out this article to learn more about what Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are…and why you need them.)

Modern Business Requires a Modern Data Backups Solution

Even with a strong network security strategy in place, sound data backups are critical for modern businesses. You can greatly reduce your chances of a data breach by implementing a layered security strategy, but there is no foolproof method of prevention. Therefore data backups represent your only real guarantee against data loss or having to pay a ransom in the event of a ransomware attack.

Proper Data Backups Management today means a solution that offers:
  • Redundancy – includes on-site & off-site data backups in order to protect against equipment failure and cyber-attacks
  • Regular testing for system integrity…a failed data backup is just another data loss threat
  • A plan for the timely recovery and restoration of your data

Simply having your data backed up somewhere is no longer enough to satisfy the demands of a technology-dependent business and your customers. If you lose data due to a server crash or a cyber-attack, asking “Now what?” will result in lost productivity, sales and customers…or worst of all, loss of your business.

Our Data Backups Solution Offers Reliable, Modern Management to Protect the Heart of Your Business

Hybrid Backups

Includes a local backup device (provided at no extra cost), plus cloud storage. Backups are tested on a regular basis and alerts issued for any failures.

Having a hybrid solution protects against equipment failure – a risk of a local-only backup device – while cutting down on costs by backing up business critical data (determine by you) to the cloud.

Desktop-Level Backups

Every computer on your network gets backed up daily to this device. Because the backups are to the desktop level, any full desktop environment can be quickly and easily restored as needed, without having to completely rebuild the OS first.

Bare Metal Backups

Most providers run file-level backups, which means your data gets restored one file at a time. We run bare metal backups, which allow for a much faster restore of the full environment, including the operating system. Optimal Recovery Time is achieved with our bare metal backups.

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