of hackers cover their tracks by using encryption.

Replay Suspicious Network Activity and Get to the Source

As cyber events have risen in frequency and hackers have advanced, so has legislation requiring companies to protect the personal data you receive and store. In 2017, the Data Security and Breach Notification Act was introduced in the Senate, which requires businesses to report data breaches within 30 days or face costly fines and penalties.

Reducing your dwell time, or time until a breach is discovered, can lessen the impact of these regulations. ActiveReplay™ acts as a surveillance camera for your network, allowing your security team to quickly and accurately report back the nature and extent of the attack.

ActiveReplay™ can capture data in a forensically sound way that provides the full extent of data theft in a format that can be used legally for your protection and prosecution of theft by employees.

How It Works

ActiveReplay™ is a critical cybersecurity tool that functions as a surveillance camera for your network, documenting suspicious transactions between clients, employees, and hackers—from the inside out. ActiveReplay™ isolates and documents all threats happening on your servers in real time, including dangerously hidden macros in uploads and downloads, bot.net software, and zipped and encrypted files, such as client lists and payment data.

We move potentially malicious files off your network into our sandbox to replay the event and safely explore the file for its hidden code. The Corsica Cyber team uses ActiveReplay™ to identify what data was targeted and/or sent out of your network, without putting your network or intellectual properties at further risk.


  • Seamless Integration into DataDefend™ Agreements
  • Accessible from Your Security Dashboard With 24/7 Monitoring
  • Provides Automated Surveillance Of Your Network Servers with Full Replay
  • Adds Another Layer of Cyber Network Defense by Recreating Incidents

Identifies Threats From Data Uploads and Downloads to Your Server – Both Internally and Externally

Recreates Exact Transaction in a Safe Environment by Corsica Cyber Team

Documents Full Extent of Security Threat Occurrences For Legal Use

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