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What is new about Microsoft Outlook on Mobile Devices

This IS the email app you were looking for Through their most recent releases Microsoft has demonstrated that it is firmly focused on giving us products that are improvements to their classic Windows OS and Office desktop applications. The new Surface Pro 3 for example is indeed the tablet that can replace your laptop (or even your desktop) as promised, but we’ll save a review of the Surface Pro 3 for next time. Today we want to catch you up on the newly released Microsoft Outlook app for iOS and Android. The Outlook app brings the ability to finally manage your email from your mobile device that maybe you were unable to efficiently do using the built in Mail apps. Here are some highlights about the Outlook app that you should know about: Manage Emails AND Files The Outlook app has the standard means to connect you to your Exchange, Gmail, Office 365, and Yahoo! Mail. What’s added is that you can also connect your OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox accounts for sharing and attaching files all while in one app. Outlook for your mobile device also provides a quick list of all your attachments within your email accounts for quick viewing w/o the hassle of tracking down the emails. Control your swipe The iPhone Mail app made it convenient to swipe to delete or archive email messages. The Outlook app puts the power of the swipe in your hands. Swiping messages left or right is configurable meaning you can set the action to be performed when you swipe either way. I’ve changed my swipe options to Move the message if I swipe to the right, but delete it if I swipe to the left. Organize your mail on the go Moving emails to individual folders has been a priority for those of us who seemingly never delete emails and instead organize them into an elaborate hierarchy of email folders. This new app allows you organize your emails without having to scroll through your mile long folder list by providing a Search bar that you can start typing a folder name and it brings it up instantly. This may be the most impressive feature for us email hoarders. Focused Email An improvement over the classic Mail apps is the Focused inbox. The Outlook app displays our email in either a Focused tab or Other tab. The Focused Inbox intelligently presents you with important emails such as those from contacts you interact with while filtering out automatically generated or bulk emails. These automatically generated or bulk emails are founds in the Other tab. So far this feature has been on point to keep us ‘focused’ on the emails that matter while leaving the ‘others’ to be viewed later, deleted, or archived. Recent Contacts The contacts portion of the Outlook app is called People. Clicking People doesn’t just drop you into the A-Z sorted list of the thousands of contacts you have. Instead it shows you the list of your most recent people and a quick button to email them. Send and Invite OR Availability When sending emails the Outlook app makes it easy to not only attach a file, but you can also drop in your address along with a map of your location with the push of a button. Although those features are neat in a way, I was blown away with the ease of use to send either a calendar invite or propose available times from within the app. Clicking to send an invite allows you to select the desire timeslot on your calendar and then fire off that meeting request. Alternatively, you can choose to ‘Send Availability’ which then lets you select multiple time slots to send out to mail recipients saving you the back and forth coordination. Overall the new Microsoft Outlook app for iOS and Droid has been a welcomed replacement to the default Mail apps on our devices. Online many reviewers make mention of abandoning their other apps as well in favor of Outlook. To find it or ensure you’ve found the right one, search for ‘Microsoft Outlook’ in your App store. The details should show Microsoft Corporation as the Seller and the Updated/Release date as Jan 29, 2015. And don’t let the term ‘Seller’ scare you; the best feature of all is that this app is FREE.

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