Microsoft Office 365: The New Way to Office

Do you wish there was an affordable, flexible, use-it-anytime-and-anywhere, low maintenance office product out there that would provide better support and keep pace with your on-demand workforce so that you can stay competitive? 

Well we have good news – there is.  The even better news is that you are probably already familiar with it, because you use or have used (or at least are aware of!) Microsoft Office already.  It’s Microsoft Office 365 and it’s the new way to Office.

Microsoft Office 365 – It’s the Office you know, Only better

Microsoft Office 365 is the Office you already know, but with some notable upgrades and cost-saving advantages over the traditional suite of products. Here’s what makes it so great: Access Microsoft Office 365 anytime and from anywhere.  This includes the web, your mobile device and the PC in your office.  You can use the familiar O365 apps on more than 1 device (PC, laptop, tablet or phone), and work whether you are online or offline. The ability to work from anywhere – even on the go – is essential for business success.  And with O365 from Microsoft, you can take your office with you wherever you go. You pay less with O365.  O365 is a subscription-based service, so you pay a monthly fee per user for the number of users you have registered.  This eliminates both the up-front investment in pricey licenses as well as the need for a dedicated email server.  And you can scale up quickly because adding new users as you grow is simple. Never go without your email again.  Using Outlook in O365 means taking advantage of the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access while still getting business-class email with all of the Office 2016 features that help you work smarter, not harder.  So you’ll have professional, reliable email service without the hassle of maintaining (and replacing) the hardware yourself.  That’s what we call a win-win! You will always have the latest version of the familiar Office products.  No need to wait for the newest version of any of the tools in your plan – when Microsoft pushes an update, it automatically applies it to O365 for you.  That goes for critical security patches as well as enhancements to the overall functionality.  Done and done. Online cloud storage with OneDrive.  Every O365 user gets 1 TB of storage at no additional cost.  And with OneDrive, users can easily sync and share files to make working together possible from anywhere. There is pretty much universal acceptance across all business types and sizes that in order to stay competitive, you have to keep up with technology.  And fortunately doing so doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  By taking advantage of the new, modern way to Office you can get more for your money AND upgrade to a suite of tools that lets you focus on driving your business forward.

Willing to Learn More About How O365 Can Help You Get More for Your Money?

Corsica Technologies is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and not only do we have a ton of experience in setting up and managing Microsoft Office 365 network environments for our customers, but we also use it ourselves. We can help guide you through the entire process and make sure that O365 is the right product for you. Click here to find out more, or just fill out the short form on this webpage, and an Account Manager will contact you right away.

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